How to Promote the Game

An article by Stephen Holodinsky

Since I've posted our tournament schedule over here in Germany, I have received private e-mail or seen posted on the list a few laments like 'wish I could find some players' or 'wish we had so many tournaments'. Following is a step-by-step process of what we did to get to where we are today:

  1. Find at least 2 players, go down to the local game store and play at least once a week at the same time every week.
  2. Once you have this established, post a sign saying that you will be playing NR at that time every week in the game shop.
  3. Build a variety of decks (if you have the resources, remember, they don't have to be killers, just enough to show the different sides of the game). For instance, runner decks should include: For the Corp: I will repeat a point I just made in case any of you missed it. These decks do not need to be killers. To be honest, these decks should not be killers (see step 6)
  4. Always carry with you: These are the two quickest ways to shut up the Magic Junkies that I know of. And you will need to do that if you want to be heard.
  5. When someone asks you what you are playing, be prepared to explain (in small words) the game. Let them play a game with one of your decks face up against you if you are alone or together with your opponent if you are not.
    If you do not know which decks to use here are some Beginner proofed Decks.
  6. If they make a purchase of, say, a starter and a couple of boosters, help them build their decks explaining why you are leaving cards in and taking cards out while you are doing so. Let them then play that deck against you. If you are more than one, the others should not see the decks you're building. You can then play that deck against your opponent without sacrificing the element of surprise important to this game.
  7. Try to get that person to commit to coming to your regular gaming sessions. Put up a list of all known Netrunner players within 100 km or 75 miles and leave extra spaces so others can put there numbers on it. Photocopy that list and start hanging it up in different gamestores. Do not, I repeat, do not mention that you meet at such and such gamestore every week or that list will be off the wall the minute you turn your back. Just the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your crowd as well as the fact that you are trying to start gaming sessions, tournaments and the like. Be patient, it may take some time before people start putting that information on a piece of paper.
  8. Keep your eyes peeled for any Netrunner tournaments in the above mentioned area (see step 7). Send for information and post it in the store. If the tourney or the town where it takes place is big enough don't be afraid to post tourneys from outside this radius. Use these out of town fliers to show that there is interest in the game. If the players know that there is a community they are easier to convince starting with this game.

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