Agenda Construction Guidelines

Release: Version 2.0h by Corporate Analyst, Robert G Flack

WARNING: These guidelines are considered Proprietary Information of this corporation. Unauthorized access of this document in either electronic or archaic hard copy format is grounds for physical or virtual electronic countermeasures. Proceed at your own risk.

These guidelines are meant to aid associated corporations in the creation of new Agendas. While the only special effects covered are from the basic set and Proteus expansions of Netrunner, this shouldn't limit our creativity. Use the costs below as a guideline for new effects.

We would appreciate feedback and (constructive) criticism of these guidelines. Our mailing address is or

Agenda are composed of several basic parts. All Agenda have a name, keywords, effects (or bonus), a difficulty value, a comment (or flavor text), and an agenda points value. This guideline will walk you through the creation of a new agenda that will have each of these parts.


By following these basics, new Agendas won't be too abusive. Remember, overuse of our authority can cause problems for us. Effects are of two basic types, Immediate and Permanent. Immediate effects are a one-time benefit to us (like gaining Boon counters, rezzing Ice, or installing something). Permanent effects are reusable or permanent for us (like a size increase of HQ or the ability to tag a Runner if our trace is successful). Permanent effects are much more powerful, and our costs "formula" reflects that.

Construction Flow

These seven basic steps will give us a new Agenda. This simple outline may not be clear enough, as the cost determinations can get lengthy. We've placed some examples at the end to get you rolling.
  1. We select an Agenda name, Difficulty, and Agenda Point value. Note that our Difficulty must equal our Agenda Points to start. We start with 3 or 4 points unless we want something radical.
  2. We add special effects that the agenda will give us when scored, or accessed. We don't limit ourself to the effects listed. We can use them as a reference to make our own.
  3. We select keywords for our Agenda. We reference the Keyword section below.
  4. We determine the costs for our special effects. We reference the Specific Costs section below. This is our most complicated step.
  5. We adjust the difficulty and Agenda points to the level we want. The difficulty and Agenda points must be modified together. If the Agenda points is decreased by 1, the difficulty must also be decreased by 1. Remember, seven Agenda Points is a victory for us.
  6. We add a flavor text to the agenda. We sometimes use a quote from a famous (or infamous) person working for us.
  7. We have a board review of our new Agenda. It is important that the correct paperwork is done. The details of our new Agenda must appear in the standard format, or it will not be approved by the board.


Each of our new Agenda must have at least one keyword that identifies the type, and the keyword "Agenda". More than one additional keyword may be selected by us if they are appropriate.

Keywords are based more on the Agenda's name (or concept of what the card is to represent) than it's effects, but we can select a keyword based on the effect if we feel it is more appropriate.

Selecting keywords have no effect on the difficulty or Agenda points of our Agenda. In fact, there is little relationship between a certain keyword and the effect of our Agenda.

Note that keywords marked with a * were introduced with the discovery of the Proteus techniques. Some Agenda from v1.0 would have these new keyword if they were available. An example is our Agenda AI Chief Financial Officer. It's keywords would be Agenda - Asset - AI if AI was available at the time we created it.

Keyword Description
Asset A physical item we own like a strike team or location.
Research An intangible item we own like knowledge or software.
Black Ops A clearly immoral (if not illegal) activity.
Gray Ops A morally questionable activity that is legal and/ or can be justified by us.
AI* Artificial Intelligence we own, making the decisions of a (former) employee.
Random* We must roll a die to set or limit our effects. We need to investigate this so we can make our efforts more dependable.
Bad Publicity* We get Bad Publicity counters if we score it. Most of the time it's worth it.
Ambush* Affects the runner when it is accessed.
Virus* Software that is either trashes or uninstalls software. We could extended the concept of causing/ effecting virus counters, with more research. That isn't in our limited, official implementation.

Specific Costs

Each special effect that an Agenda has will change either it's difficulty or Agenda points.
When we are done evaluating each effect's modifiers, we sum difficulty and sum Agenda points, then drop all fractions.
[] represents bits. [3] means 3 bits.
A represents an action. AA: xxx means use 2 actions to do xxx.

Effect Difficulty Modifier
Permanent effect (effect's Difficulty x 4) Difficulty
Effect restricted (effect's Difficulty x 0.5) Difficulty
Gain an Action +1 Difficulty
Draw card +0.5 Difficulty
Gain [1] (or Put [1] on a card) +0.5 Difficulty
Gain [1] for each installed card with keyword +1 Difficulty
Hand size increased +0.25 Difficulty for each card
Reduce Runner's hand size +0.25 Difficulty for each card
Do 1 damage +0.5 Difficulty
Do 2 damage +2 Difficulty
Do +1 damage if keyword present +0.25 Difficulty
-1 Difficulty for Agenda if keyword present +0.5 Difficulty
Gain +1 Agenda points beyond Agenda Points listed +3 Difficulty
All Ice on a specific fort +1 strength +5 Difficulty
Ice strength +1 if Ice keyword present +0.5 Difficulty
Specific Ice +1 strength +0.25 Difficulty
Specific Ice duplicates every subroutine +0.25 Difficulty
Rez installed Ice at no cost +2 Difficulty
Install Ice at no cost +1 Difficulty
Give a Tag +1 Difficulty
Return program to hand +4 Difficulty for each program
Runner must pay [2] to steal Agenda +1 Difficulty
Effect occurs even if not installed +1 Difficulty
Shuffle cards in Archives into R&D +2 Difficulty

Effect Agenda points Modifier
Run Trace X for effect +(3-X) Agenda points
May only take 2 counters at a time from card +3 Agenda points
May only take 3 counters at a time from card +2 Agenda points
Effect gained for 2 extra Advancement Counters when scored +1 Agenda point
Effect gained for 3 extra Advancement Counters when scored +2 Agenda points
"A" needed to gain benefit +1 Agenda point
"AA" needed to gain effect +5 Agenda points
Gain Bad Publicity counter +1 Agenda points for each counter
Trash entire fort Agenda was in +2 Agenda points
Shuffle cards in HQ into R&D +1 Agenda point

Some Examples

Our new Agenda, called "Apprentice Program"
  1. The name of our new agenda is "Apprentice Program". This should be a reasonably tough Agenda to advance, so we'll start with 4 difficulty, thus 4 Agenda points.
  2. The effects we want are:
    Gain [5] and
    Put 2 Action Counters on the card when we score it.
    The counters are to gain an additional action and they will be our standard of "use only once per turn and only during your turn."
  3. Well, we have to take the keyword "Agenda", since that's what we're making. Based on the name, we'd call this an "Asset", since our new trainees are a physical reality. That seems to be enough.
  4. Our costs for the effects will break down like this:
    Gain 5* = +2.5 DF. (Immediate so no modifiers.)
    Gain 2 Action Counters = +2 DF. (Ditto.)
    That gives us:
    Difficulty = 4 + (2.5 + 2) = 8.5 = 8
    Agenda points = 4 (unchanged).
  5. The final result is too high for our taste, so we lower both dificulty and Agenda points by 2, since they are a 1-for-1 trade-off.
    Difficulty = 8 - 2 = 6
    Agenda points = 4 - 2 = 2
  6. We want to give the card a somewhat sarcastic feel from the viewpoint of our sysop that has to train the new blood. The quote we select is:
    "Being a mentor has it's advantages. You get paid to watch the dweebs do your work."
Here is the new agenda as it would appear on our report:
Name: Apprentice Program
Difficulty: 6
Type: Agenda - Asset
Game Text: Gain 5* and put 2 Action Counters on Apprentice Program when you score it.
Action Counter: gain an action. Use this ability only once per turn and only during your turn.
Flavour Text: "Being a mentor has it's advantages. You get paid to watch the dweebs do your work."
Agendapoints: 2

Another new Agenda, called "Encoded Multicast Chip"

  1. The name of our new agenda is "Encoded Multicast Chip". This should be a very tough agenda to advance with modifiers to both the difficulty and Agenda points, so we'll start with 3 difficulty and 3 Agenda points.
  2. The effect we want is:
    Give runner 2 tags
    But that is too powerful by itself, so we water it down with:
    A: (action needed to get effect) and Trace 2 (needed to get effect)
    That should cut the Runner some breathing room (and make it worthwhile for us to try to advance this agenda.)
  3. Again, we have to take the keyword "Agenda". While we could claim this was an "Asset" since the chip is a physical item, we'll call this "Reseach", as the knowledge of how to make the chip trace the runner is the important thing. We also give this agenda the keyword "Gray Ops", since what we are doing here is questionable at best. ;-)
  4. Our costs for the effects break down like this:
    Give runner 2 tags = +2 DF. This is a permanent effect, since we can do it as many time as we are will to pay for after the agenda is scored. That makes our new modifier (2 x 4) = +8 difficulty.
    A: (action needed to get tag effect) = +1 Agenda point
    Trace 2 (needed to get tag effect) = (3-2) AP = +1 Agenda point
    That gives us:
    Difficulty = 3 + 8 = 11
    Agenda points = 3 + 1 + 1 = 5
  5. Having to advance an agenda 11 times will never be approved by the board, so we lower both the difficulty and Agenda points by two.
    Dfficulty = 11 - 2 = 9
    Agenda points = 5 - 2 = 3
  6. This time we want the flavor to represent the senior board member when he learns that our agenda is almost completed. Here is our quote:
    "Slick piece of embedding. The weef runs on us and his deck leaves little virtual footprints. When can we get it to market?"
Name: Encoded Multicast Chip
Difficulty: 9
Type: Agenda - Research - Gray Ops
Game Text: A: Trace2 - if trace is successful, give the runner 2 tags.
Flavour Text: "Slick piece of embedding. The weef runs on us and his deck leaves little virtual footprints. When can we get it to market?"
Agendapoints: 3

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