New Card Ideas this Week

Name: D'arc Lord
Rezzingcost: 14
Type: Ice - Sentry - AP - Killer
Game Text: *Trash a program.
*Do 2 Net damage.
*Give runner an 'I Am Your Father' token. Runner cannot break any subroutines of D'arc Lord if he has any IAYF tokens. Runner may remove an IAYF token by taking an action to suffer an unpreventable brain damage.
*End the run.
Flavour Text:
Strength: 6
Sets: v37.41

Name: Disassembler
Playingcost: X
Type: Prep - Sabotage
Game Text: Do not play as a normal action, instead play immediately after making a successful run on a data fort, instead of accessing cards, pay the trash cost of a rezzed node or upgrade to derez that card. That Node or Upgrade may not be re-rezzed until the Corp takes an action to pay [X]. X must be at least 2.
Flavour Text: "Now watch what happens when I delete their sysop menu and replace it with a link to Syd Meyer's."
Sets: v37.43

Name: Expert System Security Analyst
Rezzingcost: 3
Type: Upgrade - Sysop - AI
Game Text: Immediately after the Runner has passed any piece of rezzed ice on this fort, you may choose to remove it from its current location and install it at the outermost position of any other data fort, at no cost.
Flavour Text: "Y'see? The program waits to see how the ice performs, then automatically puts it where it'll do the most good." - "So why'd it move six Coyotes to Archives?" - "...Full moon?"
Trashingcost: 1
Sets: v37.43

Name: Hustensaft
Rezzingcost: 3
Type: Node - AI - Random
Game Text: A, trash a rezzed piece of ice: Roll a die for each virus counter. If the roll is 1, 2, 3 or 4 remove the virus counter. This removal cannot be prevented.
Flavour Text: "Hey, construct, where did you get that funny name?" - "My creators told me that I am like good medicine: I heal your system but I taste bitter."
Trashingcost: 2
Sets: v37.42

Name: Skywalker
Installationcost: 10
Type: Program - Icebreaker - Killer - 1 MU
Game Text: [1]: break a sentry subroutine.
[3]: put a +1 strength counter on Skywalker
Flavour Text: "I finally racked up enough points to get my Skywalker on D'jei level!" - "Great kid, don't get cocky"
Strength: 0
Sets: v37.41

Name: Yellow Snow
Playingcost: 6
Type: Prep
Game Text: Gain (11). When you play Yellow Snow, remove it from the game instead of trashing it.
Flavour Text: "Don't eat the Yellow Snow!"
Sets: v37.42

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