How to submit a Card Idea

To submit a Card Idea you should remember the following things: After you have brought your card to the paper send it to me at, or use the Submit Form.

I will include all HTML codes to your card to make it fit into the stile of this site, and give the reader a unified look. You do not have to have any knowledge about HTML.

Every Card will be added to the database, but if the card is too overpowered I will request you to change some details.
Your card will then be visible as fast as possible. This usally means next issue. Don't be disappointed, if not. I make an maximum of 16 cards per week, because if it gets more than 16 most people lose interest to read it. So it is also to your advantage. Your card wont be lost. It will just be delayed.

If you already have an illustration for your card it will also be added to this site.

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