B-Veil, Inc. - A Siren deck

"Listen to the song, babe..."

Deck of the Week by Erwin Wagner


B-Veil, Inc. is proud to present you our latest breakthrough in product management and intrusion countermeasures.
By employing the latest Proteus(tm) techniques, B-Veil, Inc. is able to adapt to a variety of intrusion schemes, even those employed by top-notch cyperspace pirates. Our flexible consulting teams offer a great potential for all of our customers.
Once our defenses are set up there will be (almost) no way for those pesky runners to steal vital corporate information from our data forts. Similar to the Nasty Code Gate Corp we use a slow but steady pace to achieve our goals. Therefore the critical phase is our setup (phase I). Fast and aggressive runners may destroy too much of our corporate structure or see enough of our sensitive agenda early on. But with the help of our highly motivated staff we'll be able to resist a great deal of various threats.

General Tactics

As we stated before: If we manage to survive the first few turns, most runners will have no way to crack our defenses. As most parts of B-Veil, Inc. consist of rather temporary data, we'll have to protect HQ and R&D early on using lightweight ICE. The big and expensive pieces of ICE will be saved for later uses and may even be stored in the Archives. Our AI Chief Financial Officer (AI CFO) will allow us to retrieve those ICE later on.
If we can shut out runners for a few turns we should use this time to build one well defended subsidiary data fort. Chester Mix and his special fort squad will allow us to install several layers of cheap ICE for free. With the help of Rasmins Bridger's (RB) team's special bureaucratic re-routing construction we are able to push up bit consumption for intruding runs to a great amount. Even the big ICE is already of help at this point. Without being rezzed it cuts runners' accounts by leading them through RB's department.
At this time we need to install the Siren in our well developed data fort. All intruders will have to access our data via this fort. The arising expenses for the router's net modifications will be covered by our Corporate Negotiating Centers (CNC) and repeated advertisement contracts on our Coyotes and Misleading Access Menus managed by Olivia Salazar's department. The final touch on our setup is our Obfuscated Fortress located in Rio de Janeiro.
From that point on it will cost the runner huge amounts of bits to break through our defensive structure and we'll be able to handle all of our agendas without any further protection.

Some Tips

In most cases, don't put out the Siren too early. Build up your defenses first. Most runners will score 4 to 6 agenda points against B-Veil, Inc. Don't get nervous! Adapt to the runner. If he's using viri ignore them, build your big data fort and use the Siren to divert all further runs and then forgo your actions to remove the virus counters. Viral Pipeline might kill you early on as you won't have the bits to rez the big ICE. Ice destruction requires some protection for HQ and Archives. You may ignore R&D protection for some time. Although many cards can be trashed it will cost the runner and you can retrieve the cards later on with AI CFO, so don't worry too much. For the vital nodes/upgrades you can use Offsite Backups.
Even if the runner breaks through the siren fort in the middle phase (Death from Above is a dread) you may be able to recover quite fast.
This deck has been played versus many different kinds of runner stacks and seems to be quite competitive. It might not be suited for tournaments (very slow and perhaps not so competitive as speed corps) but it is _huge_ fun to play with as it creates situations that you won't encounter normally (or have you ever run a Rio fort with 11 pieces of ICE on it?)...
There are several other little tricks in this deck, but go on and figure them out yourself...

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