The Cleaning Woman

Deck of the Week by Matthias Nagy

The advantage of this Deck is that it can be really fast, without being a fast advancement deck.

The Start

In the beginning, it's not necessary to have many Ice on the board. With your first action make your R&D save with Planning Consultants. Put a cheap Ice in front of your HQ (e.g. a Mazer or a Mobile Barricade), something you can rez in your first or second turn. Not later than on your fourth turn you should have scored a Security Purge and put some nasty Ice in front of your R&D and your HQ. Try to use Systematic Layoffs as often as possible, hence saving resources to make your main data forts much more secure. And it is great to see the Runner mumbling about your fast draw after two turns with a rezzed Liche.

The Midgame

You should be able to score another Security Purge within the next two or three turns. The Planning Consultants should help you getting the right Ice on the table and not loosing an Agenda to the Archive. Be aware of Precision Bribery, lay down at least one Ice for an subsidary data fort. Most Runners try to build up as fast as possible their breaker suit to get you down. Don't get irritaded by their money, if they get through once, they wont get through for a second time the same round. Your Planning Consultants should help you again.

The Finals

In the End, when the Runner sits there with his moneymaking machines, you should be able to score your last Agenda with three or four points to end the game in your favor. You should reach your Agenda faster than in a normal deck because you draw more cards than a normal Corp deck, and you have a deeper insight into your R&D so you can pick out an Agenda if you need one.

The Weak and Strong Spots

Your only weak point is in the beginning when the Runner gets a cool start with a Virus, lets say an Armageddon or Scaldane. Than you may have some trouble in removing them and still to be in time for your Security Purge. When the Runner does not have such a dream start you just get stronger. After scoring the first Security Purge you are save against some very hard decks. Make sure when you face an HQ deck with Security Code Worm Chip and Jettison Ice to put an Ice in front of the Archive.

Contributions and Additions

Maybe you want to add some other ice. More Liche and Colonels or less rare Ice you just don't have or you think can't help you. A good addition could be a Rescheduler. It gives you the chance to get an Agenda if there seems to be none in sight, or if you just want to put these big Ice back into the deck. The other Agenda could be exchanged with any agenda you have in mind, the only one the deck relies on is the Security Purge. If you think about stocking the number of cards higher then 45, than keep in mind that you should have at least 40% Ice (the same number than agendapoints) in this deck. Also add some Planning Consultants to your deck because the seven may not be enough then.

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