Rio Reiser

Deck of the Week by Felix Borchers


How to build an efficient Rio Deck? This way!
We build only one subsidiary data fort where a Siren will later be installed (and, of course, a Rio de Janeiro City Grid). If we take (mainly) Misleading Access Menus or Snowbanks we only have to pay for installing them. As you will see, only Rio will be a real "stopper" for the Runner, so many of the Ices should not be installed on this one data fort.

Nasty effects and cards

As above mentioned, I use Snowbank and other payback Ices to get as many bits as possible. Further, I install Olivia Salazar to rez an Ice at half of the rezzing cost, which means just zero, and derez it at the end of the run. So every time you use this ability with a payback Ice you gain [3]. Amazing, isn't it?
Now some words about the "1 on a six-sided dice" players. That happens, even if there are more than 5 Ices installed on this data fort. If the runner comes through all Ices outside, he has to encounter a really big Ice provided by Dr. Dreff. I use the really nasty Ices, like Colonal Failure, Wall of Ice, and Haunting Inquisition. Sometimes even a simple "End the run"-Ice will do.

How to play

This deck is not easy to play. You have been warned. With more than 50 games against different players I know now how to play this deck against various themes and players :). Phase 1 is the most difficult playing phase. You have only [5] and not many "End the run" Ices. Now it's on to you to decide how fast you have to build THE ONE Siren/ Rio fort. You can install an Ice on the HQ and one on the R&D just to keep the runner away in the beginning. (If you are lucky these are Quandarys.) Be careful not to waste your Ices. If the runner knows your deck, you also can install Dr. Dreff without an Ice to protect your central data forts. If he runs anyway you let him run into a Haunting Inquisition.
Test your various openings to get a feeling for this deck. Another opening is to draw cards with or without Day Shift and install a three-card subsidiary data fort in the last action. Your decision should depend on your asessment of the runner. If he knows you play with Dr. Dreff he probably will not run without any breakers. Or, if he runs on a datafort with Olivia Salazar and Snowbank you will get money - twice if he runs the second time! If you have a Siren, install it only if you have enough bits. That means, ONLY 1 bit has to be left in your bit pool, if you have Olivia Salazar and a payback Ice installed. So if the runner is misdirected rez the payback Ice with Olivia Salazar and get [3]... Don't make the mistake to rez an "End the run"-Ice as the first Ice on the datafort. The runner will run again, and you can, if you like, pay [1] again. Yes, thats a loop the runner will win!!

End phase

If the runner does not use a Clown deck, you have a very high chance to win if your datafort has many Ices. Now, install Agendas in a new subsidiary datafort (hope there is no Precision Bribery on the table) and score them. Only redirect the nasty runner to your Rio/ Siren fort.

Physiological effects of this deck

Don't play it to often. It demoralizes the runner. He runs, and the corp is gaining bits for this ("That's not fair!"). And the runner can have as many bits as he wants, there is no way out if the corp throws a 1 with Rio. Another demoralizing feature is Dr. Dreff. The runner who knows you are playing with Dr. Dreff (not everyone ) fears the run into a big nasty Ice.

If something went wrong...

You also can install Agendas in the beginning of the game in your "Rio/ Siren" fort (without the Siren, of course). If the runner is not willing to run on this fort and you have no Siren ... (It's a funny method of playing, if the runner builds and builds and you are scoring an Agenda in your "Rio/ Siren" fort. The runner will say: "Hey, I thought this was an upgrade.").
The Clown deck problem: You have to build up a really large datafort to increase the chance of throwing a 1. This time only the Rio de Janeiro City Grid may help you. Or install a good timed Viral Beeding Ground and hope the runner plays with deamons. Let him liberate your once or twice advanced Viral Breeding Ground to see his face... (let him take Joan of Arc into his hand and hope that he has installed no more of this nasty cards; then let him take the "first" deamon to his hand, and all programms inside this deamon will be trashed!). Of course, this only works if the runner runs on this Agenda. If not, score it and win !!

The cards in particular

Off-Side Backup: Get back any essential card that has been trashed. Even Agendas in the Archives... (This is a very important card!)
Jenny Jett: If the runner comes through all Ices, install another Ice to roll again with Rio. With Dr. Dreff, you don't install an Ice, hence you cannot roll a die.
Edgerunner: Just to install the Rio and/ or some Ices and/ or upgrades at the same time.
Day Shift: Get the upgrades and Ices fast.
Haunting Inquisition: A strengh-six-Ice with a cool subroutine. To use with Dr. Dreff.
Vacuum Link: Funny card. Let the runner go back allowing you to roll the die again and again...
Fatal Attractor: (Very) Nasty. Install it outside a Snowbank, and the runner has to break the Fatal subroutine or the Snowbank subroutine, if he is not willing to take damage. Useful at the beginning of the game.
Obfuscated Fortress: In the endgame the finisher. Probably, the runner wants to be sure that he can deal with Dr. Dreff's Ice. And if Rio...
Agendas: The Agendas are chosen by "best fit with few agendas". You may change the Agendas if you find an equal number of cards with over 20 agendapoints.


Restrictive Netzoning on the subsidiary. But not to early!!
Wilson, the Weeflerunner to make many runs at the beginning.
No more against this deck. Not from me, try it yourself...

Two words; the cards are very balanced in this deck. It takes a lot of games to make the deck running. That's why the removal of even one card can destroy this deck. This deck contains 50 cards. This is very important for a long game. With 45 cards you get timeproblems to score the Agendas.

Latest Information: Rio Reiser was a famous German Rock star who died 1996.

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