Chicago Bay

Deck of the Week by Matt Vears

Use the best Ice you can, the Ice doesnt really matter it.

The Chicago Bay theroy

This is more of a theroy then a deck, but it is also the general outline for a deck. Basically It makes use of the most easily scored agenda (Marine Archology) and the cheapest way to add 2 advancement counters (Chicago Branch).

Why is Marine Archology, in my mind, the most easily scored Agenda? Well, because you don't have to worry about having the right number of bits (Corporate War). You can install and score Marine Arcology in one turn. How? Well, if at the start of any of your turns you have 4 bits, Chicago Branch, and the ability to make a new data fort (Precision Bribery) all you have to do is:

  1. Action: Install Your Agenda in a new data fort
  2. Action: Advance it twice with Chicago Bay
  3. Action: Add 1 advancement counter, and then you score it.

If you wanted, you could do this with Tycho's, except you'd have to have 6 bits, and having tycho's in your deck can be an edge for the Runner. To get the bits, you could include a few Accounts renewable, Whispering Campains, etc.

Also, I would add a few Roving Submarines and high quality Ice to protect that valuable chicago branch, and offsites backups never hurt anyone =)
A Cowboy Sysop could also help (STOP LAUGHING! This card is good in case you don't have any agendas in HQ and dont feel like leaving that chicago bay out.)

So experiment around with it, and protect chicago bay!!!

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