This Is Your Brain...

Deck of the Week by Jamie Keane

This is my take on the popular Priority Requisition/ Black Ice deck. If you haven't encountered a deck like this, here's how it works. Keep a steady flow of bits into your pool, which allows you to rez the nasty ice in an emergency. Such ice might hurt the Runner, and will definitely put a strain on his resources, as this type of ice is pretty expensive to pass through. Priority Requisition, in addition to gaining you three agenda points, rezzes ice for free. Obviously, you should save that prize for the big and pricey ice like Colonel Failure or Liche.

Weaknesses to this deck? With any Black Ice strategy, the big bugbear is Microtech 'Trode Set, which basically renders impotent the brain-burning capabilities of Liche and company, though the Runner will still have to protect his investment from the Homewrecker. Senatorial Field Trip and others which have the ability to derez black ice are quite evil too. The biggest problem, however, is the Runner who carefully invests his resources and preps in money-gainers. With the proper amount of money and strategy, the Runner can mow down the toughest Ice easily. Still, with the free-rezzing bonus of Priority Requisition, the early game will be hard for the Runner.

Still, with Crystal Palace Station Grid and Rasmin Bridger able to leech away bits, the Runner's got to have some serious economic smarts to make it out.

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