Overtime Enjoyment

Deck of the Week by Matthias Nagy

What would you do if you pull your tenth Dieter Esslin out of a Booster Pack? Yes you build a deck around him!

The Game

The goal of this deck is to put as many of the upgrades as possible into the only subsidary data fort you build. With three Dieter Esslins, two Red Herrings and a New Galveston you could almost easily score Fetal AI. If the Runner tries to run he would get 5 Net damage and even has to pay twelve bits to steal the Fetal AI. If he installed a Enterprise Shield, he still has to pay for each Dieter Esslin, because they do their damage one after the other. The New Galveston keeps the fort big, because they almost never have enough money to trash enough of the cards (three bits for Red Herrings, four bits for New Galveston and five bits for Dieter Esslin). And while they are upgrades, they can also be used to protect HQ or R&D.

The Countergame

The Runner could do some really anoying things. The first card that come to my mind is Death from Above. I also lost once with this deck, because my opponent played a Blink deck with Loan from Chiba(!). So he allready was able to handle all the damage and he had a lot of money. A rare situation, I think. Nontheless every deck where the Runner has more money than usually (three Brokers) could give you some trouble, but most of the time you should be faster.

Contributions and Additions

I know it contains a lot of Dieter Esslins and you will not have so many of them. Just replace them by additional Red Herrings. Maybe that is even better, but I allready have seen Runners collecting money and waiting till I lay down the agenda, and it costs you one bit to rez. The Ice is also some question of personal taste. It doesn't really mater which you take. But you should have about 18 pieces of Ice. In the best case you include cheap pieces of Ice you know your opponent really will have trouble to break.

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