Deck of the Week by Stephen Holodinsky

A deck without ice? Couer-du-Bois, is a Resource-based Runner's nightmare and cheap to boot. The idea here is not so much to flatline your opponent (although that possibility exists) so much as to strip him of all the tools he needs to run with impunity. If you can get the runner guessing, you have won the game. The agenda mix allows for a bit of fast processing ( the two Tycos), a bit of HQ protection (The Main Office Relocations) and a bit of recursion, not to mention good protection against Cascade, Skiviis, and other viruses that may cause you to throw an Agenda into your archives (the ACFOs). All are, with the Project Consultants, one -turn Agendas.
The lack of Ice is countered with the over-abundance of traps. These can be held in your hand or installed as SDFs if you have too many cards. If the runner encounters one of these SDFs, you can rest assured that he will be gun-shy the next time, thus opening the way for you to install an Agenda without ice to make room in your hand for that extra TRAP! Some cards (Seeya, Ronin Around, Etc ) may take the guesswork out of your strategy. If one is installed, Hold everything that you can on your hand, and force him to guess that way.Don't hesitate to re-shuffle them back into R&D with the ACFO if you don't have the right combo in HQ. You can do this one action one and still have 2 actions left to plant and fast-advance most of the Agendas in this stack.
7 Accounts Receivables and 7 Credit Consolidations are more than enough to supply you with bits the entire game. And bits in great numbers are very versitile. Draw an Agenda, slam it home with Project Consultants. Runner draws a TRAP!, don't hesitate to bankrupt him or her with Closed Accounts, a tactic which should gain you some harassment free actions while the Runner saves bits to get rid of the tag.
Finally, the best first turn option: 5 cards plus a draw of one that would be Accounts Receivable, Credit Consolidation, Project Consultants, TRAP! X2 and either Urban Renewal or Closed Accounts. First action: play Accounts Receivable; Second action: take a Bit; Third action: play Credit Consolidation. You now have 15 Bits, enough for Project Consultants or enough for both TRAP!s and Urban Renewal.

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