Fast Draw

Deck of the Week by Marduk


The strategic plan of this Corp is quite obvious, out-draw the Runner, with this Psycho Tycho. This deck was built with extremely redundant cards. It usually wins in the mid-game or earlier. It has a very good chance of winning in under ten turns.

How to Play

It is quite simple to play this deck. My friends called it the Corp in automatic brainless cheese mode. Simply keep on drawing cards and gaining money and score the Tychos as fast as possible. Depending on the situation, the deck may not even need to include Ice, games were won without them. It would be good to know how your opponent plays, actions can be saved this way (not Iceing against cautious runners). If you are playing against an unknown player, it is a good idea to Ice first. You don't have to rez the Ice; sometimes I install ICE just to deter runs. With the relatively low agenda-deck size ratio, a few runs into R&D may not hurt.

The Ice suite can be tailored to one's taste. However, because the deck uses Project Consultants, as the cheesing element I prefer using light to medium Ice. My big bad mothers here are the Hauntings, they are expensive to break with any unaided codegate breaker.

The AIFCO is one of two ways to make this deck reach end-game. The other way to reach end-game is by having a crappy draw. Shuffle this deck thoroughly because it cards tend to bunch-up after a few games.

Now for the fun part. You've scored a Tycho and need just one more to win. It is the Runner's turn and if he decides to run your HQ, you rez Panic Button, for all the money you have. You draw a lot of cards. Luckily runner does not access enough to win. Most times the result is that you have everything you need: ACME Savings and Loans, Tycho Extension and Project Consultants. I have to admit that luck can have a hand at his situation because you may have drawn what you need, the runner may still foil you by liberating what he needs. So my advise is to panic wisely, if there is such a thing.

The Hurtin

Now here comes the part we don't like. Very fast viral decks can sucker this deck real good. Against these decks, Ice early on and at least one of them when the runner tries his viral run. All you have to do is thwart the run(s) that plant the viri and his deck is slowed down enough for you to hopefully win. Remember the concept of the deck is to win so fast the runner does not even have time to set up.

Precision Bribery, Time To Collect decks: I think this is the real competition of the Fast Draw. With those kinds of decks we can only ride on with the runner. Pile up a lot of money to get rid of those pesky Precisions. If a situation comes up that you will be able to score an agenda then score it. After you've scored a Tycho or the AIFCO, the runner will have to set himself on scoring some himself.

Other problem decks are the Short Stack and the Big Dig, well not really a problem. The Short Stack needs at least six turns in order to sufficiently set up, now if the Fast-draw does not Ice, it has a very good chance of winning at turn four to six. The thing with the Short Stack is that it does not have to set everything up against this deck, that is if he/ she knows it. If the Runner knows what this deck is made up of, the Runner may simply run like crazy at open, central forts or decide not to set everything up.

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