The Big Bluff

Deck of the Week by Marian Härtel

The deck has one problem. You've to be pretty experienced to play it. That doesn't mean that not everybody can try it. The difficulty is that you can't use a single strategy to win a game with this deck. One time you'll have to use the traps extensivly, the other time you have to see that it is better to score your agendas fast. Nearly every of the games, in which I played this deck, fast different. One runners runs alot, the other is afraid to run. The second point, that I want to mention here is, that you have to keep a consequent playing style. If you advance a trap and the runner doesn't run then keep advancing it. You may even put more ice in front of it. I played it once against an very experience player her in Berlin and I won because of this strategy. I advance the trap 9 or 10 times. although there habe been only 7 programs outside. But he thought it is a project babylon and therefore finally ran, me trasing all of his programs and after that scoring my agenda without an problem.

It is also very important to remember which programs you trashed the runner and to use the tag, which the runner gets trough the Trap!, if you can. First thing to trash: Junkyard BBS.

The last point is, that you have to be brave and now a lot about mind game. Sometimes my game looked like this.

  1. Turn:
    1. Ice HQ.
    2. Installing Trap!
    3. Installing Setup!
  2. Turn:
    1. Installing Trap in a third sub.
    2. Installing Tycho Extension.
    3. Third action advancing it once.
  3. Turn:
    1. Ice R&D.
    2. Take 1 bit.
    3. Installing Setup! in a 4th sub.

Or it worked similar. But you need to bluff your opponent.

But some of you are wondering about could be that there is no fast advancement card in the deck. The reason is that this is a fun deck. I think I wouldn't risk it to play it in a tournament. I build it in order to win on a other way then fast advancing agendas. Bluff your opponent and often it works. For me it only didn't work for 1 time of all the games I played with this deck, saying I lost only once.

The nastiest cards against this deck are the card revealing cards in some runner decks. I personally realized that not many decks, other than sealed decks, are playing with these cards. The only way to avoid it, would be Department of Misinformation. But well every deck has a respective deck, that can ruin your deck idea.

My opinion is that you should play it, it has no defficult to get cards, and find your own way. What I can tell you is, that is is a lot of fun to play and I love it to see the runners face, when he has to trash his programs worth 40 bits or so. Whow

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