The Hounds from the Grave

Message on the "Floating Runner BBS"

Hello, you creatures of the Net. During my last adventures in Cyberspace, I' ve stumbled into a secret Corporation, whose HQ was located behind a small record releasing Corp., and who is dealing in AP Datafort Protection and Black Ice Research. As I had batteled through all the big bad Ice protecting these secret HQ (mostly AP of the worst kind), I've been able to download one of their own Corporate Structuring Files, which holds a lot of informations about their work and their Ambitions. I hope these informations to help anyone who comes into trouble with this Corp., and that you could use them to your favour. But I'm warning all the weefles and wannabes outa their. This Corp. is no playground for you. It uses very nasty black ice and we all know : "Nothing turns a wannabe into a coulda-been faster than rewriting the forebrain from the inside out."


Deck of the Week by Oliver Smolorz


From the first day I played Netrunner, I was in love with the black type of Sentry Ice, and so it was only a question of time and money for me to build a deck, based heavily on Black Ice. I've worked on this deck over one year, but now, with many test plays and very much help from my friends, it has become good enough for me. I know that there are many Runner cards working solely against Black Ice, but it is always a pleasure for me to play with it. Perhaps you do like Black Ice as much as I do. If so, feel free to use my deck as a guideline for building your own deck, or play with it, as you like. Perhaps you have also some ideas how to make this deck working even better?

Some tricks how to play

Everyone who has played with Black Ice/ Black Agendas knows a lot of Runner cards to crush your deck. With this deck it is even worse. The greatest enemy of this deck is the Microtech 'Trode Set (which luckily gets played as often as Krumz), turning almost all of your Sentry Ice into expensive Cybertrash (only the Mastiff remains then to do some little nasty things). Hence you should try to ice every Datafort with at least one Code Gate and one Wall to prevent the runner from intruding too easily. This includes even the Archives (if possible), because I lost a couple of games just because the runner played a Terrorists Reprisal or a Synchronised Attack on HQ.

Your major target should be to rake in as much bits as possible, enabling you to pay the very high rezzing costs of your Black Ice. Then start to build one or two strong subsidiary dataforts. Avoid to install any Beta Test Site into these forts. Install them just into an open data fort without protection. If the runner makes a run on them he looses an action and two bits (if he trashes the card), and you don't need the Test Site to win. The only things that you should install in an iced fort are the Department, the Rockerboy and the Weapons Depot, or an Agenda.

Don't install a Quality Assurance if you think the runner might get it. It has a difficulty of 5, providing the runner with two turns to liberate the Agenda. Wait until you have the money to play a Project Consultants, and the runner has no chance to steal it from a Subsidiary Data Fort. After you scored the first Black Ice Quality Assurance the Runner usually has a huge problem.

Don't use the Consultants to score a Corporate War if you don't win the game with it. Install it into your protected fort, or mix it into your set of open Data Forts of Test Sites. You will be able to score it in the next turn, turning the odds against the Runner, especially if he has to figth his way trough three or four Sentrys and a Wall and/or Code Gate to steal the Agenda. I know a lot of further tricks, especially how to deal with the damned Runner cards, but I think you should be able to find them on your own. So I hope you to have as much fun to play this deck as I have. And don't be too disappointed if you lose most of your games. This deck isn't intended to win every game.

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