The Big Button

Deck of the Week by Daniel Schneider

I designed this somewhat crazy deck for several purposes: Fun, fun and fun. Ok, apart from that, I wanted to impress you with something thatīs new, hopefully. I make special use of a very cool rare that is barely seen in other decks. Combined with a well-known uncommon card you have a powerful combo that might be the basis for new deck ideas. This deck differs from almost all other decks in three points:
  1. The deckīs size goes far beyond the 45 card minimum, and that for a good reason.
  2. Not even the biggest card lord should be able to build it at this moment.
  3. The deck is likely to win in turn two.

Are you getting interested now?

How to play this deck

This is a fun deck. Nonetheless it can be a blindingly fast and merciless winner. You need a single HQ run, and thatīs the critical point. But with the absence of ice protection, what runner can resist the temptation to run the central data forts for free? Itīs more or less the usual thing that the first HQ run happens in the first runner turn. All you have to do is this: Install a Panic Button and an Executive Boot Camp first and hope that the runner doesnīt run and trash the Camp then.

Since nearly 1/4 of the deck is Camps, and also nearly 1/4 is Buttons, itīs likely for you to have one of each among your starting 6 cards. Install the Button in HQ and the Camp in a new Subsidiary Data Fort, of course. Your third action is not important. Maybe youīll have to draw a 7th card or whatever.

Let us assume that the runner runs HQ without having run and trashed the Camp before. Now rez the Camp for free. First, use it to discard a card at random from your hand and gain 2 bits for the remainder of the run. Use the first bit to rez the Panic Button. Now you have a brilliant card combo: You can discard cards with the Camp to gain temporary bits and use those bits to draw twice the number of new cards with the Button! So you donīt use any of your starting bits, but you discard about one half of your R&D and draw about the other half, leaving some cards in R&D (depending on what you drew). In this way you draw slightly more cards into HQ than you are allowed to by your hand size, but you wonīt have to discard before the end of your next turn, which never happens because you either win next turn or you already have lost in this turn.

You have to draw and discard cards until you have fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. You have at least 7 Team Restructurings, 1 Accounts Receivable, 1 Pacifica Regional AI, 1 Edgerunner Inc. Temps and 2 Tycho Extension in hand.
  2. You havenīt discarded more than 1 agenda up till now (very unlikely), OR you have discarded enough Stereogram Antibodies to flatline the runner in case of an archives run (normally you need to discard about 6-7 Antibodies).

Itīs always better to surpass these minimal conditions regarding the critical cards. Critical cards are the ambushes in the archives and the agendas and Pacifica Regional AI in HQ.

Now you have a lot of cards in hand. The Runner will access a few of them, but itīs unlikely that heīll get enough agenda or trashes all Pacifica Regional AIs, even if he continues to run HQ. The next runner action one would expect might be to run archives, which would mean toast, but itīs also possible that the runner smells the Antibodies. As I said before, this is his last turn in the game, so runner had better find the Tychos in your hand, because he is going to lose the game otherwise:

In your next turn, you draw the mandatory card. You play an Accounts Receivable to increase your number of bits to 9. Then you pay 1 bit and play an Edgerunner Inc. Temps to install two agendas and one Pacifica Regional AI. Rez Pacifica Regional AI. With the remaining 8 bits you play 7 Team Restructurings and put one advancement counter on the node and one on an agenda each time, cashing in the AI counter at once to play the next Team Restructuring. With the last counter and a bit youīll have advanced both agendas to their difficulty and thus won the game.

This deck is not based on the Runnerīs behaviour as much as it might seem at first. Even if the Runner runs the Executive Boot Camp first, itīs not necessarily wise to pay the 2 bits to trash it because there is no ice installed on any fort. And if he trashes it (and also trashes Panic Button), you simply install the next pair of them. Remember that you have 30 of each in your deck! Ok, if the Runner refuses to run HQ (maybe he fears a Dr. Dreff) and concentrates solely on R&D, you will lose the game. And, as always, there are special countercards like Weather-To-Finance Pipe, Priority Wreck and Synchronized Attack on HQ which would cause you to lose. Problem? No.

If you look at the number of each card in the deck, you will see that you donīt need much luck to fulfill the winning conditions. Here you find the reason for the huge deck size: Assume that you draw through nearly your entire stack, leaving only a couple of cards in R&D. Then you have about half of the cards in hand, and thus about 9 Antibodies in the trash on an average. With a bad draw there might only be 6 or 7 - still enough. However, 5 wouldnīt be enough, so what do you think is the right number of ambushes to put in? Ok, you could discard more cards than needed to send further ambushes to the trash. But then you also risk losing further key cards. Iīm not sure if itīs possible to build this deck with less than 100 cards. I have a 45 card version in my lab, but only in my lab :). You need only 1 EIT, 1 AR, 1 PRAI, and if you cut down the deckīs size you either have to cut down on the numbers of those cards as well (taking a higher risk) or you have to use fewer Buttons and Camps, relatively speaking. Maybe Iīm wrong, but I like these proportions. And I donīt think the deck gets stronger when you cut down on it.

As I said before, this deck is not built to be played a lot. Itīs more of a virtual experiment. After all, how many known corp decks use such a big card pile? But itīs possible to alter the deck, to use other winning methods, other strategies.

An example: You could use some AI Chief Financial Officers as agendas. You play only 5 Team Restructurings, score the AICFO and use the last counter to recycle your whole deck!

Have fun, play Netrunner.

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