Deck of the Week by Frank Gerolstein

The whole idea behind this deck is, of course, the card Corporate Guard Temps which I always found to be a cool card, so I decided to build a deck around this card.

How to play this deck

The whole idea is to take maximum advantage out of your Corporate Guard Temps. So bring yourself up to a healthy 20 to 30 bits, which should be done easily by turn 3 or 4, and play your first Corporate Guard Temps for extra actions in the next couple of turns. You should be careful to leave at least 15 bits in your pool to score your Corporate War in one turn and forfeit the 12 bits you gain from your Corporate War for the Corporate Guard Temps. You might also consider to leave 17 bits in your pool if you got a Colonel Failure to protect you. Even if you can't score a Corporate War you have no problems in forfeiting bits, as 21 of your Operations give you the money to do so. So if the Corporate Wars aren't coming, build your money up again and play another Corporate Guard Temps. You might end up this way with 5-6 actions plus the draw per turn.

The Runner

So what to do against our old enemy, the runner. I've decided to do a mix of best-of-the-best protection with minimum cost protection. This means Filters, as they cost nothing but enforce the Runner to use a code gate breaker or a general icebreaker. The Wall of Ice, so the Runner will be hurt badly by running without a wall breaker, and Colonel Failure, so he can't run with his wall and code gate breakers out, because they'd get trashed. I've also chosen Colonel Failure as he doesn't have the special weaknesses of being AP and/ or Black Ice which could be exploited by the Runner. Another big advantage of this deck is that even if the Runner successfully runs your data forts, which he'll probably be able to do a few times, only 6 of your 45 cards can be trashed or scored. Now a word on general icebreakers used against this deck, as I said I wanted to force the Runner to use all icebreakers. There's Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker, he's most likely the best there is. You can still try to ice your R&D with Filter to increase the chances of failure, as R&D is the only data fort which needs good protection. Blink needs an additional Clown to be effective, and it still has a lot of subroutines to beat. Krash generally is too expensive to use against your ice.

So you should be able to score one or two agendas in the beginning. Experience of about 25 games tells me that you should expect the runner to score 1-2 agendas. There's been only one game in which he managed to score 3 agendas. The problem with this deck of course is once you know it you can beat it easier, but I won't help the Runner by telling you how. That's for him to find out for himself. I hope you enjoy playing this deck as everything can be achieved if you put enough manpower and resources behind your agendas to get the job done in a single day, even if this means putting night shifts on your employees.

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