Life in the Fast Lane

"Okay, the Director is giving us a chance to prove ourselves. A mole from Futokora says we have a little time left before they play something big. Here's the plan:
We go in hard and fast. Marketing will do whatever we say for now, I'm ordering a full Holovid Campaign. We throw down quick ICE, Jenny Jett will come aboard later to shore up our defenses. As soon as possible we pull a few Executive Extractions, and use that knowledge for a couple of easy Hostile Takeovers. If we play this right, we'll all end up at the Corporate Retreat."

Deck of the Week by Jason Needler

Speed is the name of the game, but there are a few tricks to playing this correctly. Money is usually not a problem after the third turn or so. This seems to be a pretty good mix of cards, but it isn't exacting. Substitue any cheap code gate for the Filters, or any cheap wall for the Data Walls, or Ice Pick Willie/ D'Arc Knight for Banpei. The Dog Pile is just something I like to do, but not vital. The most important cards to have are the agendas. You can vary the operations and upgrades (try throwing in a Twenty-Four-Hour Surveillance and some Antiquated Interface Routines!), or add a Government Contract in your main SDF.

General Game Plan

Put basic protection on HQ and R&D, and Ice a main SDF (Susidiary Data Fort). Start churning out agendas, using the cash to install and rez more Ice. If it goes to a long game, you want Dog Pile on the inside of your SDF, that is what Jenny Jett is for. Usually you don't go to a long game. All the upgrades go in the main SDF.

Early Game

Spend two or three actions putting out cheap Ice. Make sure you get Holovid out (I've had three and four at a time), but don't bother to protect them. Start scoring agendas as soon as you have your main SDF started.

Middle Game

Ice should be gradually piling up on main SDF, top it off by Jenny Jett'ing a Dog Pile to the innermost position.

Late Game

Never gone into a long game, you're doing something wrong if you do!

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