Cats & Dogs


"Yes, Percy, I know. The pesky little runner has been bothering me, too."


"I understand, but you may have to tolerate one last invasion of your VR-world. I've arranged for the rodent to have an accident. If he's careless, he'll get to meet your playmate, Rolf."


"Yes, we like playing with Rolf."


Deck of the Week by Robert G Flack


You'll need to get you hands on three Political Overthrows to make this deck work well.


The key to this deck is playing the odds. There are only three agenda cards in the entire deck. That means don't worry too much about protecting R&D. Let the runner waste her time running your hand and R&D. When you get a card that can kill the runner, accumulate your bits and wait for the card that can tag her. Then in one turn, tag her, then bag her. I've bagged several shy runners without them ever running on me, with the help of my Underworld Mole.


A well protected runner is a dangerous runner. If you can't bag her, you need to score TWO Political Overthrows. The cards that help are Projects Consultants and Vapor Ops. Use them to score an Overthrow out of your hand. Also, you can bury an Overthrow in you Roving Submarine, then wait to score it in one turn. The trick is doing this twice against the runner. It is possible, but you can do it.


You can replace Political Overthrows with Tychos and Marine Arcologies. This isn't great, but is does let you score them fast if you need to. The Roving Sub isn't necessary, and can be replaced with either a big piece of ice or a bit generator. The City Surveillance can be replaced with a Chance Observation or another damage dealing operation.

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