Corporate Shuffle

Deck of the Week by Marduk Shinji

When I was rummaging through my cards I found a couple of Washington DC City Grids and a couple of Nevvinyrrals. These are overlooked cards so I decided to have Fun with them.

Runner Briefing

We can approach this Corp in two ways.
  1. It's a corp that's involved in constructing one arcology to many and is need of downsizing to cut costs. Or
  2. It could the other way around, produce the cheapest arcology.
Frankly I don't give a frack. We just got hired by one of their former employees to get their plans for their arcologies. Let's talk security. They have newbie runners doing security purges once in a while, but these tend to be inefficient, because the only things these newbies think about is quake 2000. So we better look in the trash to be sure. Inside sources informed me that they use cheap Ice. Do not get too cocky they have the latest wire technology and its rumored they have a couple of haunters. Insertion is difficult because of their operations. They offer incentives that have employees working day and night. Talk about working your butt off for a lot of empty promises. What's worse were not sure where the plans are. Their based in Washington but they have a hot site somewhere in Chicago. Where in Chicago is anybody's guess but maybe looking through their BBS advertisements could yield some info. Speaking of which, your job is to take out their AI that's running their ops. The AI's supposed to be on some sub roving who knows where under the sea. Start looking for it in the Pacific, its got an AI girlfriend who helps their AI over there.

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