In conclusion, our new policy is simple, effective, and brutal. We will drive this corporation on the sweat and blood of our employees. Any questions?

How can we sustain growth by continually cutting budgets?

Were you asleep during the presentation, Mr. Flack? Turnover. We only take on short-term projects and we unload the employees unpon completion. When a new project is accepted, we rehire them or promote the trainees.

And how do we protect against runners?

We make them hesitate. Simple ice stops the casual runnner. When our new Sysop encounters a true cowboy, he fries him. The word will get out. By the time they locate a project and get prepared for the worst, we're done.

The Deck

Deck of the Week by Robert G Flack


Odds say this deck will surrender a few agenda. If you want to win 10-0, find another deck. Also, this deck isn't fully tested. Mail me with any suggestions.

The idea is to play with a rather unique bit engine - Corporate Downsizing, Raymond Ellison, and Corporate Negotiating Center. I have intentionally removed all other bit generators with the exception of simple preps. They are included to quickly get the engine fired up and running. You can add other cards to generate bits, but then you've built a different deck.


Score early and often. You will always be holding an agenda in hand, since you have 11 agenda in this 45 card deck. Protect HQ and R&D early. You may not even need a subsidiary fort, so don't worry about one until you are ready to fire up the bit engine.

The deck has a flash-point of six bits. With six bits, you can drive the first part of the bit engine. Score a Corporate Downsizing out of hand with a Systematic Layoffs. This gives you more bits, by returning agenda back to the R&D. Stir and repeat.

Another bit-generator is the seldom-used Corporate Negotiating center. With so many agenda, you will have some in HQ most of the game. Drop a CNC while holding agenda. With so many agenda, consider drawing before you use CNC at the start of your turn.

The last bit generator is Raymond Ellison. Use him to set up an ambush. This works best with a Project Babylon and a big piece of ice. With Raymond in place, five bits and three advancement counters on PB, you can rez a Liche! Even better, you can advance Vapor Ops several times with Raymond in place. The runner must trash the Vapor Ops, or you'll score agenda out of hand. But you can use Raymond to rez nasty ice, then pull the bits back if she makes it through.

Project Babylon also can give you an extra advantage over the runner. She needs to score at least four agenda to win. You can win by scoring three or less, by over-advancing Babylon. This is easier than you think with Raymond, big ice, and Vapor Ops available.


Shredder Uplink Protocol is a pain. If you are considering discarding ice - don't. Take the extra action to protect the archives. You will be holding agenda too often to leave this backdoor unguarded.

Bad draws will be VERY bad. If you get a opening draw with no ice, you can do two things. Bluff, and take bits or install a node like CNC, or even a Downsizing. The runner may not run on HQ, thinking you have no agenda. You could very possibly score that Downsizing and get to shuffle the agenda back into R&D. If you have a Layoffs and Downsizing in hand, take a bit and score it! The other option is to draw until you get some ice, and take your lumps.


Most of these cards are easy to get and aren't used in great numbers. The exceptions are the agenda and Corporate Negotiating Center. With these agenda being the most common type, trading for them shouldn't be too difficult. If you can find someone with a CNC (a rare), you should be able to arrange a trade. CNC isn't a commonly used card.

The agenda are a key part of the bit engine, so you need them. The CNCs can be replaced with any bit generator, but that will take away from the decks fun theme.

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