Employee Super Management

Deck of the Week by Matthias Nagy

The Idea

Falsifield-Transaction Expert is a real cool rare card. I've seen many people trading for one, but never I've seen it in play. I thought I should change this and tried to build a deck around it the day before a tournament. It went unbeaten that day although it was never playtested before.

The Key card in this deck is not the Falsified-Transaction Expert, but the Agenda, Employee Empowerment. It is vital to draw the extra cards to get fast enough to the other agendas and all the cards to score one.

The Play

As soon as I draw one of the ambush nodes I install it and advance it, at least twice. Luckily I one some games, because some Runners thought they can live with a two time advanced Virus Test Site and only three cards in hand. But usally they can live with the ambush. Just be careful they don't run it to trash it, except you know the effect would help. You need the counters. In the worst case even ice the data fort.

As soon as you have an agenda, a Team Restructering, and the Falsifield-Transaction Expert in your hand. Install the agenda and play the Operations in the given order. Now the Runner will start to run your ambushes. Use this to cripple him if possible.

Now draw the extra cards provided by Employee Empowerment as often as needed to get all cards in your hand to repeat this procedure. It really goes fast. 90% of your money is only needed for rezzing ice so you don't have to be to careful. As long as you have a two timed advanced ambush and [2], you can win.

Your second agenda gives you the chance to draw up to three cards at the start of your turn. Use this ability if neccesary. And don't forget you can draw them one by one. So you draw your mandatory card, then you can draw another if you like, and then you can draw again one if you need it. It's much easier to build your tactic.

I've only played this deck in tournaments, in two to be exact. And I've won both of them sweeping with the corporation. I think the biggest advantage was that noone was beware of what I played. The surprise factor was realy high. Nontheless it is fun playing this deck.

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