Come and Get it!

Deck of the Week by Sebastian Schweyen


I always found the Siren decks cool, but a bit too slow to set up. Rent-to-Own Contract decks are fun, but also have their own weaknesses. I decided to build a deck, nobody would think of Rent-to-Own Contract/ Siren.

The base idea was to force the runner to do nothing, or run the meanest ice in the game, again and again. As bit engine and psychological pressure factor I thought of Corporate Negotiating Center, the cornerstone of the deck.

The Play

Ice HQ, R&D and archives. Then build a 2 to 3 ice deep data fort, use the Efficency Experts to pay for Siren. I always like the look on the runners face, when he realizes, what he has to fight, when he tries to run. Now play the Corporate Negotiating Center and Chicago Branch as soon as possible and also strenghten the Siren data fort.

When you score an agenda choose the strongest ice on the table. Play the upgrades as soon as possible. Crystal Palace Station Grid is against Clown and Bartmoss decks especially good, paying [2] for every subroutine is hefty espescialy on a transmutated Colonel Failure. Never forget to have 1 to 3 bits left on runners turn.

I don't want to give you all tricks , but I experimentated with tag'n'bag, Tokyo Chiba Infighting, and different ice. The deck is very flexibel, once it has set up. Now go on and try it.

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