Decker In A Box

Deck of the Week by Felix Borchers

This deck based on the card: Mystery Box. The runner is able to run early in the game with having big Icebreakers installed. And this nearly for free. This Deck is not a real theme deck, because I could not win (yet) with a real theme deck in a tourney. So enjoy my mix of cards...

Just a little time before Chris Patterson released his card of the day about Mystery Box I had this deckidea. But it worked not that well. I read his article about Mystery Box and the associated cards and changed my deck. The Mystery Box will be used when the corp rezzed a Ice (during a run). So I draw five cards and hope an Icebreaker is under these cards. But if only a Mystery Box is under these cards I install them and use ist ability to draw again five cards. (and the corp goes crazy) To prevent MB from being trashed, use Joan of Arc, if it is installed. HINT: Protect your cards. The shuffles will rapidly damage your cards. The first few times I played without protectionsleeves, so with each shuffling my heart was bleeding. Here you see the great advantage of Morphing Tool. You can choose now, the moment you approched the Ice, the type of your breaker. Early in the game, there is often only one Ice on a single datafort and you will break trough it. Beware of the cheap Insidious Cortical Electrocutions, having two or more subroutines :-) . You see whether you want to run, have a Mystery Box installed and two or four bits .... This is my preferred use of Mystery Box. If you are have the time you can run on a save datafort. That means unprotected archives or even Ice with "only" *End the run. . So you can use the ability of Mystery Box without coming into trouble if you draw no Icebreakers. For save runs, without surprises I use "If You Want It Done Right..." to look at the top cards (and take the best in my hand, probably a Inside Job!).

Morphing Tool will be expensive, if you have to break Ice with many subroutines. Fubar only needs one to break a subroutine, but he is noisy, so you cannot use a Cloak or Rush Hour. Cloak will help us to make a run not too expensive. You do not have to install Cloak manually, instead use your Mystery Box. I do not use so many Cloaks in my deck, but you can try to take more of them in you deck (but then you may need some Afreets too), in this case it will become a real theme deck (Look at Card of the Day: <>MysteryBox<>). Also helpful to gain bits is Newsgroup Filter. For one action you can take two bits and break one subroutine with these bits. Thats why I took an AI Boon in my deck. I really love it. For big Ices like Colonal Failure, Morphing Tool needs to many bits to break.

Sample Gameflows

To get your Mystery Box early on the table you should use Sneak Preview. Play it and install MB for free (ok, Sneak Preview cost you the same three bits as Mystery Box). Make a run and use Mystery Box. If you have Joan of Arc installed use them. Then make another run. In this case Mystery Box is trashed, but you have (if all goes right) two (expensive) Icebreakers (or even Cloak) installed for three bits and three actions. You may also use your Sneak Preview to get Joan of Arc, in which case you will be able to save you Mystery Box.

The real advantage of Mystery Box, you can use Inside Jobs, Rush Hours etc. with Mystery Box. So never play without some Inside Jobs :-)

The Pirate Broadcast - Imagine... your starthand is: Mystery Box Pirate Broadcast and some cards more

First, install Mystery Box, take one bit and the third action: play Pirate Broadcast. If the corp has no Ice with more than one subroutine and can only rez one Ice you gain your agenda point save. So hope for your luck and shock the corp. :-))

A word to Scaldan: My last tourneys I won half of the games with Bad Publicity. Isn't this a reason to take Scaldan in this deck ?!

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