HQ Restructuring

Deck of the Week by Kurt Zech

On to my latest Runner deck for your enjoyment/review. I had been thinking about all the damn restructurings my company has gone through (3 in 2 years) and how disruptive it is to the people. What if I built a

Runner deck designed to target and disrupt the HQ as much as possible? Well the results turned out much better than I had hoped. Here is the current version, but I feel it needs some more "tweaking". The problem was in what else it needs. It seems to be weak in the ICE breaking department.

The concept is to hit HQ. This deck is not for the meak. It is very offensive (pardon the pun) in nature. Use the Shredder when the Corp has sufficient Ice to stop you at HQ.

Wait to use the Shredder after installing Bodyweight Date Creche and Scaldan. It is a lot of fun too see Corp roll 10 dice at the beginning of a turn. Especially when 5 of those roles resulted in Bad Publicity counters. Game over next turn.

You may want to swap out some ICE breakers for some Tag protection/prevention.

The Corp MUST address the problems with the Scaldan counters. Which means blocking both Archives and HQ with "End Run" ice and possibly giving up turns. Besides that, use the other Preps to make the Corp's life miserable, after all Restructuring is a painful experience. ;-)

Any help and opinions will be grealty appreciated.

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