Ritual Unbiased Media Abuse

Deck of the Week by Phillip Edwards

The strategy of this deck is to use the corps pay for what it calls "legal commerce" as effectively as possible.

Derez ice as much as possible because you have extra run actions that will help you here. If you run up against a corp using black ice, do a Live News Feed/ Senatorial Field Trip combo on them. Make extra money using the Wilson/ Karl de Veres combo. Trash the corps advertisements On the Fast Track and use some Subliminal Corruption to add insult to injury.

Sooner or later, you are going to upset the corp and face meat damage in doing so. You've got friends in all the right places so get an Identity Donor.

Make a Bargain with Viacox once you have Dropp installed.

Since your such a on the go all the time, make sure you can get what you need with Jack 'n' Joe and Bodyweight Synthetic Blood. If that doesn't get it, do some Lucidrine Booster for that extra push. Exposing the corps for what they truly are - (corrupt individuals using the net under the guise of "legal commerce" to further their own agendas, by any means necessary) - is a dirty and thankless job.

Let everybody know, by any means necessary, what the Corps are up to.

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