Skivviss Deck

Deck of the Week by Patrick "McKay" Chandler

The idea of this deck is to Skivviss the corp so that most of the cards from his R&D are drawn. Then run archives and HQ to pick the Agenda he/ she has. There is also some Coachroaches to make the discarding of his 12 cards random. The Restrictive Net Zoning are in to help make it harder for the Corp to Ice R&D.

The Skivviss Deck is by far one of my favs. Its entire basis, is really not to score agenda fast from a Corp, but to run the corp outta cards! This is interesting since the Skivviss Virus at first helps the Corp out, and they like it. But after they start to draw 12 cards in 1 turn ;) [and I really mean they will :)], they start to realize their doom :) The deck has some other useful cards... The Disintegrator is good if you want the corp to have to keep spending bits by paying for their ice again :). This is truley evil :). The Cockroaches are for when they start to draw 5 or more cards a turn, that way their discards are random ;). Also, just in case you can't get past the ice on the HQ for the Cockroach, there is also a Shredder Protocol Uplink to help out :). The main bit engine is the Newsgroup Filter, but there are some others. I know you will have fun with this one, I do :)

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