Deck of the Week by Matthias Nagy

This Theme Deck is based on the movie Trainspotting. It is developed by William Laundry, I just changed some cards for my personal taste and play style. For everyone who has not seen the movie: It tells a story about drugs in general and how they can ruin your life. So I Consider using drugs on mass

The goal is that you do not need that much money to make your runs because most of the money comes from the Lucidrine Booster Drugs. They should help you out on every run. In the first version I used a Dwarf instead of a Pile Driver and then I hit an Aardvark in a tournament so it reconsidered which breaker suite I use.

It works very simple. Try to install as fast as possible all your breakers and then start to run. Install your MRAM Chips and take your damage from the Lucidrine after the runs. The Lifesaver helps to draw enough cards after the damage from the run so you don't need so much actions for drawing for cards.

Try it for some games and then change some cards for your play style.

Nice additions could be:

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