Control Freak

"I don't understand it! The project consultants we had working on that priority requisition a few weeks ago keep knocking on my door looking for work, and someone in our security squad keeps shooting senators' wives! They're ruining our reputation! I want you to find out who's responsible!"

"Oh, you did?"

"Neal who?"

Deck of the Week by Scott T Dickie


I'll say right up front that this is not a killer deck. You will not win any tournaments with this. This deck was built as a challenge. It was built to gain "style points". I'll explain. The whole deck is centered around Record Reconstructor (HUGE style points). The deck wins with (non-scaldan) Bad Publicity (style). There is only one Bad Publicity card in the deck (style), and it's a single Faked Hit (style). And if it works, the corp will most likely lose with 5 or 6 agenda points and a huge pile of bits! It's awesome fun to pull off a win, and you will be respected by all. But once you win, it loses its attraction rather quickly.


The whole idea is for the runner to seize control of R&D. When played correctly, the corp will reach a point where they see the same 6 or 8 cards over and over as they (slowly and painfully) collect Bad Publicity points. The runner tries to gain a "fix" on the archives using the Record Reconstructor to recycle the corp's cards back on to R&D.

The early game

The runner should try to get out the Bartmoss/Joan combo as soon as possible, followed by the RR and maybe a Fall Guy. Don't worry so much if the corp scores a couple of small agendas. Once you get the RR into play you can start slowing the pace of the game. Play the MRAM Chips as they come up. Also, get the Newsgroup Filter out if you can.

"The Fix"

Once the pace begins to slow to a nice comfortable pace, then the runner should begin preparing for the fix. Play a couple of Afreets and a few Poxes (Poxen?). Don't worry if you run out of MU before you get an Afreet down, just overwrite Joan and pull her back to your hand (for a bit). When you get a few Poxen down, play the Demo Run (make sure you have the Total Gen Retro). Once you have done this, most of your turns should consist of 1 or 2 runs using the RR, 1 action on or off a Broker, and 1 or 2 actions to draw/play other cards. Do this until the corp plays an ice on Archives. When the corp ices Archives, run on HQ and play a SCWC. It is very important NOT TO GIVE THE CORP A CHANCE TO REZ THE ICE ON ARCHIVES. The reason for this is that if you SCWC an un-rezzed ice, it goes to the face-down pile in Archives. That means the ice will be removed from the "rotation" (because RR only puts cards from the face-up pile onto R&D). If you NEVER run on Archives w/o using the RR, the ice will stay in the face-down pile and be effectively removed from the game. The corp will most likely begin to gather a huge pile of bits, thanks to all the Accounts Receivables, etc. it will be playing over and over again. Don't worry, the only chance it will have to spend it will be to pay 30 bits to install a Filter on Archives.

Start the BP

Now you can start playing the Faked Hit, using JYBBS to pull the Faked Hit and the small pieces of your brain back into your hand to be blown out again. Of course, maintain "the fix".


Of course any cards that allow the corp to shuffle R&D are instant death. But the deck isn't useless without the RR. Also, most corp decks are too fast to get caught in the fix. Every time the corp gets a card out of the rotation (by installing it, etc.) it sets you back a step. This deck works best against cards that use a lot of Operations.


A Nasuko Cycle would probably work better than the Fall Guys, but I liked the "scapegoat" tie-in with the Faked Hit. Also, any link would work in place of The Deck, but I like the extra MU. Anyway, this deck is far from being "honed". I haven't played it all that much. Tweak it to your personal taste.

All in all, if you have a Record Reconstructor, blow off the dust and give it a try. Happy hunting!

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