Who Called this Meeting?

Deck of the Week by Phillip Edwards

Strategy: The object of this deck is to plant Boardwalk viruses in HQ via Wilson and Shredder Uplink Protocol. Get the Code Viral Cache out ASAP and keep it in play. Install HQ Interface quickly also. Once you know the corp has an agenda in HQ, play an All Hands. You should access every card the corp has if they have a normal hand size. Score the agenda and trash everything else with Crumble. The Credit Subversions and Synchronized Attack on HQs are in there to deplete the corp's bits. If the corp ices the archives, use Security Code Worm Chip to get rid of the ice.

Some modifications to this deck I have used are: Lucidrine Booster Drug and various bit engines. Also, you might want to use Restrictive Net Zoning on HQ and Archives to provide a deterrent for ice. A different icebreaker suite can be considered. Remember that you can't use noisy icebreakers with All Hands.

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