Commons Only Runner

Deck of the Week by Holger Janssen

This is my first try of a Runner deck which consists only of common cards. It even does not include any Vitals. This kind of deck was possible by the Proteus Commons which include icebreakers and tag avoidance cards. Additionally I did impose a no more than four limit to avoid a deck with 10 Score, 10 Jack 'n' Joe. It looks like a kind of improved sealed deck.

You could make several other decks as well. For example a Clown deck would also be possible. You are very limited on icebreakers other than walls though. There is only Skeleton Passkeys for Code Gates and Redecorater and Big fracking Gun for Sentries. Corp Deck design on the other hand has to relyo on the Proteus agendas because there are no agenda commons in v1.0. Still the+basic deck types of Tag and Bag and Fast Advancement are possible.

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