Krash & Burn

"Frack! How do you do it?!? That file was locked away in one of the nastiest R&D forts in the net."

"Connections. Timing. Surprise. But ya pay a price."

"Scoring the way you do, I'd pay the price."

"Ya don't know what you're saying, kid. I gotta score big, 'cause I can't be a cowboy f'ever. Now slot this, and jack in. Place the Militech order - drop-off at the new address. I'm off to Mantis."

"Good as done. Can I cruise using the deck?"

"Sure. Take your time...and thanks, Neal."

Deck of the Week by Robert G Flack


This deck may not appeal to everyone, but it does work. If you dislike taking damage, or want to know what you'll hit before you run, don't try this at home. If you love to surprise the Corp, and make him feel insecure, this is your deck.

This deck is specifically designed to avoid over-used cards and combinations. Joan of Arc is a much better way to prevent trashing, but is rare. Bodyweight Synthetic Blood is better that Jack 'n' Joe, but is tough to trade for. The point is, I'm not using the cards you see in every deck. This deck can be vastly improved by using better cards. However, they are much more difficult to trade for. Have fun and adjust the deck based on what you have that would work better.


Find the agenda you want, and take it. That simple. Use Technician Lover to see what's up in R&D, and Mouse to spy into subsidiary forts.

There are a few key cards you must get to be able to repeatedly run. Krash is the only breaker in the stack, and is needed early. After that get Technician Lover, and Junkyard BBS. Then, you need a Lucidrine Booster Drug. Peek into R&D each turn. When you see an agenda, go get it. Finance the run with the booster. Use the BBS to put the booster back in your hand. If you loose something valuable to the brain damage, use the BBS to pull it back. After that, the rest of the cards are for support.

This stack is simple to put together, and only contains one rare (N.E.T.O.), and it isn't necessary. The rest are commons and uncommons, none of which should to too hard to get.

Early Game

Run until the Corp stops you. Anything you score early make the first surprise run all the more devastating.

Middle Game

When the Corp gets ice in place, it's time for you to build up your resources.

Draw cards until you can go get Krash, Technician Lover, Lucidrine Booster Drug, and Junkyard BBS. Make sure you get the Junkyard BBS in play, so that you can get any card from the trash. You won't need much money, as the booster provides 9 bits to fuel your run. Ignore the "burn" of damage unless you will flatline, or suspect damage coming from the Corp. In that case, go get the MRAM chips and draw your hand up.

During a lull, get and install the zero-cost software into the Imp. With the Backup Drive, you can trash and re-install any of these. Reusable Lockjaw? Immolator? Yuck!

You should know what the Corp draws each turn, as you Lover will keep you informed about R&D. There will be turns where you have nothing to do but wait. When this happens, go get Broker or Short-term contract. Start building up bits for that big run. Also, you can build Krash's strength with The Personal Touch. This should save you 2 bits many times over. Krash is nasty with a strength of 5.

When you see an agenda on top of R&D, run. You should catch the Corp by surprise the first time, as the booster gives you 9 more bits than the Corp was counting on.

End Game

If the Corp gets enough ice down to make runs a problem, you have several options. You can get Startup Immolator, and "burn away" that one nasty big piece of ice. Don't forget, you can use the booster bits to trash the ice, as it takes place during the run. Also, if the Corp layers ice on R&D, make him pay by using a Remote Detonator when the run is over. Follow this by trashing Danshi's Second ID to lose the 3 tags. The sequence should be peek at R&D, run, detonate, lose the tags. Isn't that a pretty turn for the runner? Save this for when the Corp has rezzed the majority of ice on the fort. Make the burn really hurt.


Smart Corps will figure out that they need to draw more than their one mandatory draw. When they start drawing extra cards, they prevent you from seeing all cards coming from R&D. Be prepared to install Mouse and use it. The turn should be peek with Lover, install Mouse, peek, run on SDF. You may catch the Corp off-guard and score a nice agenda from a SDF. Then again, you may avoid accessing a Vacant Soulkiller.

Tags must be avoided at all costs. You can not afford to lose most of your resources, and especially the Junkyard BBS. Always break tag routines. If City Surveillance or other tagging cards appear, you must avoid their effects. You may have to resort to using the Cycle. Luckily, you are searching for cards, not drawing. Against Tag 'n Bag decks, keep you hand full, use the Cortical Stimulators to keep your hand size up, and get that Cycle out. By the way, the Stimulators don't prevent the damage from the Lucidrine. They are a cheap alternative to paying two bits for that first routine on Zombie.

Low cost agenda decks hurt, because they make you run too many times to get 7 agenda. Also, they pull agenda into the Corp's HQ while you're still getting set up. Mouse can help, but the better answer may be Shredder. Drop it and make 3 runs on HQ. If he was holding agenda, he just got very insecure.

Speed advancement decks tend to hold agenda in a well protected HQ, then drop and score them out of hand. Shredder again becomes very useful. Make the Corp protect R&D, HQ, and the Archives. Then torch the ice using Immolator (slow torture) or Detonator (sharp pain). Remember, you can rub it in by putting the cards back in your hand with the Junkyard.


Many cards can be replaced with more easily available versions.

Militech MRAM Chip can be tough to trade for. Just replace them with the common MRAM Chip. You shouldn't need all +3 to the hand size anyway.

N.E.T.O. is a fun card-drawing engine, with all of the preps and resources in this deck. Being a rare, you may not be able to find one. It can be replaced with another Jack 'n' Joe, but if you have a Lifesaver Nanosurgeons, use it. After all, who plays with Lifesavers?

If you can't get a Remote Detonator, or Danshi's Second ID, drop them both. You can use a second Immolator or Lockjaw(!). With more programs, you'll need more memory. Another Imp or a memory chip would be needed.

The Lucidrine Booster Drug cards are needed, but you can live with fewer. Increase the Junkyard BBS to two cards. This will cut back on the surprise factor, and make the deck run a little slower.

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