Show Me the Money

Deck of the Week by Phillip Edwards

Strategy: This deck relies in part on planting Butcher Boy viruses in HQ to supplement your income.

Use the Restrictive Net Zonings on HQ and/or Archives. Get your breakers out as soon as possible so that you can get make successful runs. Use the Wilson/Karl combo to plant Butcher Boy via Shredder Uplink Protocol. If the Corp ices Archives, use the Security Code WORM Chips to get rid of the ice. (It may be a better idea to play Restrictive Net Zoning on Archives only.) That's a matter of preference. Once you start dumping Butcher Boy and gaining more than 3 bits a turn, the Corp will probably forgo actions in order to remove them. Keep planting Butcher Boy.

Accessing 3 cards from HQ will give you an idea of what type of deck you are playing against. Use Mercenary Subcontract to trash cards important to the Corps deck.

Once you are up to 6 agenda points, use Blackmail to score the final point. Use Fall Guy and Techtronica [TM] Utility Suit and Signpost to avoid getting traced. This deck works well if played intelligently. Be careful against speed advancement decks. If you have any comments on improvements or your experience with this deck, email me.

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