Better Living through Chemistry

This deck explores the darker side of life on the streets by using all the drugs a runner can lay his or her hands on.

Deck of the Week by Carl Skeen

The idea of the Deck is to grin and take the Brain damage. Obviously the first peice of brain you lose is the part which registers fear. The way to play it is to run forts is to install a Self-Modifying Code, then use the Lucidrine Booster Drug to make a run on the fort. When the Corp rezzes a piece of ice then use the Self-Modifying Code to search your stack for the appropriate breaker and when you install it first cash in the Liberated Savings account and pay for it. Make sure you use the two temporary bits not used on the liberated savings account first so that any bits left over from installing the breaker can be banked. Install the MRAM chips as soon as you get them, since you'll be loosing a lot from brain damage. Install the Shell traders to pay for your Lucidrine Drip Feeders, if you have any spare bits from your Booster Drugs pay off your Drip Feeders and take them out immediately.

You have a couple of Junkyards for retrieving vital cards junked through Brain damage. You also have a couple of Short Circuits to find those Self-Modifying Codes. Occasionally you may have the problem of having your breakers in hand, so you can't search for them with Self-Modifying Code. Stick em on the Shell Traders and pay off bits immediately from there.

If you manage to get out all three Lucidrine Drip Feeds and both Preying Mantises then thats a whopping 9! actions a turn. If you are feeling adventurous enough you could remove a Short Circuit and or Junkyard to give yourself a potential 11 actions. You could also replace Preying Mantises with Quest for Catekins. A card which can't always be used but is well worth it if you can is Arasaka Owns You. Ideally you'll have all 4 Militech MRAM chips out and you'll have installed and played cards such that your hand size is down to one. Make a run against piece of Ice that does at least two damage, encounter it and Bam, you get to pick up 17 cards and lose all brain damage. 3 Agenda points and 4 actions are a small price to pay, especially if you have at least 5 actions!

This deck is by no means foolproof, a tagging deck will do bad things so watch out for those City Surveillances. It can be used against a speed deck with a good chance since it should be able to run most forts fairly easily, and Highlighter and AI Interface should give you as good a chance at getting to those agendas and trashing the fast advancement cards.

One suggestion by Scott Dickie was to include Smith's Pawnshop to trash the Drip Feeds on the turn they'd give you a Brain Damage and then recycle them with Junkyard and Shell Traders.

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