Viral Clownline

with a Twist!

Deck of the Week by Bogdan Herescu

This deck was constructed to put into play my favorite Netrunner card, The Shell Traders. The Shell Traders are used as a form of bit engine in this deck. I like this card so much because of the ability to play cards out of your hand without requiring the bits to play them.

This is a deck that needs some set up time, but even this is shortened with the use of the 8 Bodyweights in the deck. With the ruling that any The Shell Traders can be used to remove a shell counter, this deck can be build all the necessary programs and hardware with fast speed. With all 10 The Shell Traders out, virtually all of the cards that you play, will be available for free the next turn.

This deck is meant to really rock hard near the end. That is why the Top Runner Conference is in here. You can afford not to make runs at the start because near the end you should be able to take a turn where you can Pirate Broadcast 3 times (1 Junkyard). This should pretty well be the end stage of the game. The Deck and the Cycle are for help against Tag and Bag. The Death from Above is great for trashing anything for free. If you trashed an agenda, who cares (just run the archives when you have enough agenda points to win)! The MIT is just a great card to put one copy of in almost any deck (but could be taken out).

The Misc. for Sale is key. After all the cards that can be played are played, you are ready to make your finishing runs. Just Misc. for Sale all of the The Shell Traders and the Top Runner Conferences (if they are still in play) and gain a very nice supply of bits

All in all this a really fun deck to play. The Viral Pipeline is in this deck to make it more fun (for me) by having to make a lot of runs, and not having to worry about the 7 agenda points (which you achieve rather often any ways). People tend to excuse this card because of the amusing nature of this deck.

Fast Advancement decks can be a problem. But with the amount of fun you will have playing this deck, you do not need to win all of the time. Even though this is meant to be a fun deck, it is still very affective. Basically this deck was made to put into use the ST, which I feel is a great card. So the Virus Pipeline lock win can be changed to any other method of winning.

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