Journey into Adventure

"Does your deck do anything except for actions and bits?" - Holger 'The AI' Jahnsen

Deck of the Week by Matthias Nagy

The key topic of this deck is -looking at the resources in the deck- the subject "actions". In general, there are a lot of ways to make bits, to draw cards, but not many ways to gain actions. One of these few ways is provided by Quest for Cattekin.

Preying Mantis gives you one action for one brain damage if wanted, but compared with the Quest it's a loser. Compare what could happen when you install a Quest for Cattekin. 1/2 of the rolls do nothing. 1/3 of the rolls do damage. And finally, you can get an action for -!The Rest Of The Game!- on 1/6 of the rolls.

Who cares about the damage? You play a Junkyard to get back whatever useful card you lost. If you didn't need it anymore - again: who cares? The MRAM Chips help you to survive the brain damage and decrease the probability of losing something useful if you got any damage.

Instead, think about those extra actions! An additional action for the rest of the game! I usually install up to four Quests, gaining an additional action every second or third turn. I finished many games with ten or even more actions per turn. Think about a Corp hanging around sick and paralyzed, since he can't do anything with his three ridiculous actions, observing you raking in twenty bits a turn, running any fort you wish, knowing you can break everything.

The deck does not win all games. Especially, it needs some help against very fast Corp decks. You have to realize fast that you're playing against a fast Corp deck, stopping immediately caring about the Quests, then. Instead, you should force the Corp to think about every move twice and to handle his bit pool with care.

Once, I had a Smiths Pawnshop in this deck to eat up the Quests before the damage could eat up me, but now I would prefer additional MRAM Chips. I inserted an Arasaka Owns You to deal with possible ambushes. I remember a game, where my opponent played with a Namatoki Plaza and a ten times advanced Vacant Soulkiller. I ran anyway, knowing I had to get more Agenda points, but I removed twelve brain damage in the same step, and, in the end, had fifteen actions, needed 13 agenda points, and still won - "to zero"!

Hence this deck can make a lot of fun. Start playing this deck and vary the mix. If you swap the breakersuit for Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker and Joan of Arc, it improves against the fast decks, and starts getting easier to play. If you remove some of the Quest for Cattekins, you even can insert more annoying cards. The deck still has room - for a program? - why not inserting a virus?

Try and have fun.

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