Viral Vice

"You WHAT?!?!??"

"I said I gave the WuTech plans to that ZetaTech Corp-boy."

"Frack! That data coulda had us livin' high for months."

"Yep. But it'll have WuTech crying on deaf ears when times get tough. That Corp-boy has an 'in' with Netwatch. WuTech will never slip a quick score under Netwatch's nose again. Not to mention the trouble that'll start when their compound is found in the water supply."

Deck of the Week by Robert G Flack


This deck is geared to win by Bad Publicity. If you don't like BP, or think Scaldan is cheese, try a different stack.


Do what you need to get the Corp up to 5 or 6 Bad Publicity points. Most players will take their chances rolling for the Scaldan viral counters until then. Use Incubator (with runs into the archives if the Corp gets the forts protected) to multiply the viral counters. When the Corp removes the viral counters, use the Poisoned Water Supply or Faked Hit to finish them.

Remember, agenda means nothing to this deck. Cash in agenda points to play Corporate Ally or make bits with Data Broker. The 3 agenda point penalty of Arasaka Owns you can be ignored. It has no real penality if the Corp has viral counters from Scaldan.

A heavily protected HQ can be handled different ways. Shredder always works well to stick a few surprise viral counters on the Corp. Cascade runs on R&D can be even more problems for the Corp, as they toss those agenda into the archives. This lets you win on agenda scored, keeping the deck from being one dimensional.

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