The Price of Power

Deck of the Week by Frank Gerolstein

You are one of Arasaka's hottest runners, they give you access to all their hot equipment, but they want something in return. Every bit of information you collect! But life is great as one of Arasaka's goons, they protect you when you're in trouble, they give you high-tech others could only dream of, right now you're cruising cyberspace with you're Deck testing that little new Box they developed and finding out what secrets it holds. Soon you're Quest will be at an end, you're close to Cattekin. Then you'll retire.

Well this is the weirdest deck I've ever seen let alone develop, it's strictly a fun deck, cause I don't think I'll ever make it work for tournaments. It's still in it's playtesting stage, so if anybody got new idea's to improve it, besides ripping it appart, I'd be glad to receive them. Don't be afraid of the high numbers of rares in it, I'm too still using proxies.

How can this deck work?

Simple I always wanted to make a runner deck with lots of actions therefor include several Quests, to get rid of the brain damage effect I decided to include AOY which works good with the extra actions. Now to get rid of the AP-forfeiting I first tries milling the corp, but found out that Scaldan seems more appropriate. Now to use Arasaka I'd have to flatline myself, so I started with Blinks, but then saw the light to use Test Spins. Now I to decide what to use with Test Spin and another card came naturally Mystery Box, with that I could decide to go for good expensive Icebreakers, ending up with AI Boon, Bulldozer, Raflles. Now to compensate for losses due to Quest, I had to include MIT's and a deck was born.

The basic idea is to install Quests, get you low on bits, Test Spin for Mystery Box, run an appropriate fort, use Mystery Box to hopefully install a useful program, get flatlined, play Arasaka to remove brain damage you suffered from Quest, fill up your hand, get new bits do this until you've got a couple of extra actions and the important programs out, then run HQ multiple times and kill the Corp with Bad Publicity.

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