Deck of the Week by Jacek Przybylski

The idea of this deck is to make corp run out of money.

The best chance comes when corp uses fast advancing decks and plays Managament Shake-Up or cards like this and runs out of bits and has no ice rezzed on archives (and that is what usually happens).

First thing you gotta do is install Zetatech Sofware Installer, Afreet , 2 Taxmans, and Shredder Uplink Protocol. The Short Circuits should help. If the corp is short of money you can ruin him now, if not wait for a better moment - install Bartmoss and Joan of Arc, Credit Subversion and draw your way to bits (Scores, Short Term Contracts, eventually Loan from Chiba).

Then find the way to run HQ 3 or 4 times in two turns. If the corp will leave Archives or HQ unprotected or with no rezzed ice he's doomed but if not? That's the thing that is a problem to this deck (but I never lost because of this). You gotta avoid rezzed ice on HQ and Archives at one time. To do that run only one of these forts if corp has many bits and Security Code WORM Chips to get rid of the ice on the other one. If that fails and AP is rezzed somewhere use Simulacrum, Inside Job and recycle them with Junkyard BBS (Corps hate to see that happen especially the Simulacrum) This must work. If that doesn't it means that I had much luck with it.

It works for all the decks I played against. I never used it against typical Tag'n'Bag deck but a Corp without money is a Corp without money, right?

One more thing: Installing The Deck is sometimes helpful but requires time or Loan from Chiba. Forget about Crumble; it isn't very useful but it's fun. The required MU comes from The Deck.

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