The Runner Connections

"Hello Mr. Wilson. P.J. Samuel, Channel 54. I tried to reach You for 4 hours. I'm wondering if You have those Arasaka's World Domination plans You Promised us....
Yeah, but some problems occured. I had to spend some extra funds for my team, and drugs... eeh Medical Asistance. By the way, WNS is desperately trying to persuade me that they'll make a better use of this Data.
In this situation I'll have to raise the price a Bit.
You know, my Girlfriend got fired....."

Deck of the Week by Robert Blaszczyk

The Idea

There are several cards in NR (usually rares) that are hardly met in decks. Some of them are compeletly useless (like New Blood - believe me - I tried to do something with the card - and I didn't make it ) but some just need very specialized deck.

This deck is built around rare preps: Promises,Promises , Desperate Competitor and Hot tip for WNS. It uses some help from : Inside Job, Preying Mantis and Technician Lover.

I noticed during the games I played or judged that runner usually accesses 1 or 2 agendas during the gameplay - It is sometimes not enough to win.

In theory, this deck can win by accessing ONLY ONE 1-POINT AGENDA.

As You see this deck has rather poor tag prevention - It usually doesn't need more, but if You think so, just replace 1 Short Circuit and 1 Imp with 2 The Decks

Early game

Run a lot - until You know You're facing early-setup-TAG'n'BAG. Try to force the Corp to spend bits on rezzing all of its ICE. Each agenda You'll liberate makes easier for You to win later.

Mid game

Install Tech Lover and check all cards Corp gets. Plant Vienna Counters on HQ. Get MRAM Chips and use NETO to draw all preps You need to win.

Late game

Tech Lover Action and Bits,Bits,Bits. If Corp draws extra cards in its turn - Plant Vienna counters.

When You spot an Agenda on R&D - use Your Preying Mantises for Promises,Promises, the run and another preps (DC or HTFWNS. Unfortunately,there is no prep for Asset Agenda. BTW: The one for Research Agenda is poor.I don't think it would help the deck.) If You liberate the Agenda from HQ - just play the preps.

Imagine that: Well???

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