Additional Classic Expansion Infos

Each Booster contains 8 Netrunner Classic cards in the following order:

So there are 52 different cards. And the best case is you get them in no more than 13 boosters.

Some boosters have the unlimited (v2.0) Promo cards in the common slots, and some boosters have additional rares in the common slots (I've seen a rare only booster - also called god booster back in the old days). These boosters should definitly be the exception.

These cards already have an ERRATA. The missing words are quoted.

  1. Satelite Monitor
    The Keyword "Random" is missing.
  2. Brain Drain
    The Keyword "Random" is missing.
  3. Omnitech "Spinal Tap" Cybermodem
    ... If you use any of these bits, replace them "from the bank" at the start of your next turn.

So this should be everything you have to know about the distribution. Now we need additional articles for spotlights, and infos for the trivia file (located at the Short Circuit).

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