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Volume 4, Issue 15, Number 92 Thursday, April the 13th 2000

New in this Issue...
  • FINALY: Official DCI Reporter v1.5, Ready for Netrunner
    Organize your tournaments on site. Let the program make the pairings, and upload the results in the DCI database.
    Instruction File
    DCI Reporter Download site
Send comments, questions, card ideas, spotlights, decks, articles, puzzles, everything to:
Official Netrunner World Ranking Lists
If you find any spelling errors or other wrong or missing information in the Ranking List then let me know. Events included: 298
We're trying to compile a list of every Netrunner tournament in the world. Every tournament that is reported to us is automatically sanctioned, even if you inform us about it after the tournament is over.
Player Contacts and Links
Or just search for other players who are already hooked, or for places that attract the addicted ones.
Articles, Reports, etc...
If you're searching for new players you can follow the simple guide linked below to make more people play this game and "hopefully" to win more players to play with You.
Rulings and Lists
  • (29 kByte) by Lukas Kautzsch
    Sealed Deck Generator for MS-DOS. contains sealed.exe and check.txt, the complete check list used by sealed.exe. You can select from the 5 options in the menu as often as you want, the simulated decks are all written to sealed.txt.
  • Run2020.lha (82 kByte) by Felix Borchers and Matthias Nagy
    Complete Netrunner Database for Amiga.
  • NR Java Proggi (236 kByte) by Dominik Bˇdi
    Complete Netrunner Database and Sealed Generaotr in Java, includes Classic.
In Association with In Partnerschaft mit
"Mastering Netrunner" by Ben Matthews and Charles Schwope
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Deck of the Week
There are so many decks floating around. Netrunner has no unbeatable deck, but some are more discussed than others. Here I try to compile a list of both good decks and fun decks.
Card Spotlight
Chris Wagner (Foolkiller) has stopped writing the Card of the Day. Nevertheless, we're continuing this feature in the following way: If you think there is a Card that is overlooked, or that has more uses than commonly known, just write a Spotlight.
Card Factory and Card Creation
A good game stimulates its players' imaginations, inspiring them to come up with their own ideas for the game. Netrunner is no exception. So everyone out there, send some card ideas in. They will be inserted into this section for potential testing and discussion. Maybe they just invite you to test an idea.
Additionaly this section contains some articles which should help you creating balanced cards.
Playing Variants and Tournament Formats
You are bored playing with the same decks in every game? You think that in every tournament there will be someone playing some cheesy decks?. Here are some variants that may add some fun to your playgroup. Or even your next tournament.
Puzzles Corner
You think you are a skilled Netrunner? You think you can wind up with all situations? Here is a way to test your skill. Just try the puzzles or make one yourself. Some are easy, some are hard, and some will be true madness.
Netrunner Trivia
Netrunner Trivia: The first installment of a Netrunner Trivia has just ended. Soon we have all answers to all 31 nodes. Here on the side and on the Netrunner-L mailinglist.
There were already some really nice fiction flying around in the Net, espescialy written with Netrunner in mind. Before they got lost in the shuffle I like to release them here.
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