A Good Rare in Sealed Deck?

A Netrunner Puzzle by Daniel Schneider

You are in a sealed deck tournament, you built your decks out of 1 starter and 1 Proteus booster, and just started to play a game as runner. Your turn. Itīs still "phase one" of the game, as you can see from the programs you have already installed: an Evil Twin and a Lockjaw. The Lockjaw was just a costless add-on, because you used a Valu-Pak Software Bundle to install Evil Twin. Not that this is a great combo, but in a sealed deck tourney you take whatever you can get, right? Unfortunately, these two programs are all cards you have installed up till now. Nobody has scored an agenda so far.

The corp has gathered quite a few bits. You count [11] . Last turn, the corp has installed a card face down in a subsidiary data fort behind two pieces of unrezzed ice, and advanced it two times. You are down to 1 bit, but you have 5 cards in hand. One of them is a Hunt Club BBS. With your first action, you decide to play that Hunt Club BBS to reveal all 3 cards in that subsidiary data fort, there are no more than those 3. You see a Marine Arcology behind a Cerberus and a Canis Major on top of it. Of course, you donīt want to let the corp score the agenda next turn, do you?

But now you are broke, 3 actions left, andnone of your cards in hand is a Livewireīs Contract, a Stakeout, a Lucidrine Booster Drug, a Loan From Chiba or a hidden resource, and you donīt have a Lucidrine Booster Drug. Maybe you should have included the Playful AI in your deck just for these cases, but you decided to leave that one out.

Nonetheless, after looking at your cards, you figure out a way to liberate the agenda. This solution does not involve any further cards from your stack or trash and no other data fort, like HQ.
Please also notice that all information given about cards already played or seen is important, as it implicitly reduces the number of possible cards left in hand, since you are in a sealed deck environment.

The Solution

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