A Good Rare in Sealed Deck? - The Solution

The title of the puzzle refers to a rare Proteus card which is really barely seen in normal gameplay. Most players think of it as a very useless card, and I agree that this card is normally not worth a slot. The card is Hijack. The third card involved is also barely used. It is a second icebreaker, because Evil Twin is unable to solve the problem on its own here. However, Evil Twin is still useful to prevent net damage. The second icebreaker to go with is a Dogcatcher. Now we have the great combo of Reconnaissance, Hijack and Dogcatcher, and this is why I like my puzzle so much, because all three cards are overlooked by most players. The "usual" powerful and near to cheese combos like Joan of Arc/Lockjaw are prohibited here, you must go back to the basics. And then, the solution is really not tricky, itīs a solid and standard way of playing Netrunner.

Here the order of actions:
  1. Take a bit.
  2. Pay the bit to play Hijack; install Dogcatcher with it.
  3. Play Reconnaissance and run that fort; trash Lockjaw when you encounter your first piece of ice.

If you encounter Canis Major, break it with the bit you get from Reconnaissance. If you encounter Cerberus, break the "End The Run" subroutine from Cerberus with the bit you get from Reconnaissance, prevent 2 net with Evil Twin and soak up the last net with your 4th card in hand (no matter what card that is); ignore the trace. Steal the agenda and score it.

The Puzzle

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