Mission Impossible?

A Netrunner Puzzle by Frank Gerolstein

Once again your younger brother Willi Weefle unable to win a single game in his entire career is close to tears cause he seems to lose just another game allthewhile being so close to his first game. So after seeing the Off-Site Backup in R&D at the start of his turn due to the Deep Thought Counters he comes to you for help.

Mission: Win the game for your little brother by any means necessary.

It's your turn, it's still the start of the turn and the only effect used yet was the Deep Thought. Don't bother wondering, how your brother was able to screw things up so badly again or how he let the Corp build his setup (He's a nice guy but no good in playing). Unfortunatly your brother told you he didn't include a single misc.for.sale in his entire deck, so think up another solution.

The Situation of the Corporation

Agendapoints: 6 (Political Overthrow)
Bit Pool: [100]
Archive: (all face up, non installed) Olivia Salazar, Political Overthrow, Cowboy Sysops, Hermann Revista, Trojan Horse
R&D: Off-Side Backup (2 Deep Thought Counters)
HQ: Punitive Counterstrike (Didn't play a card last turn, so you know it because of the Deep Thought Counters)
SDF 1-5: 1 rezzed Remote Facility each.
SDF 6: 1 rezzed Pacifica Regional AI with 4 advancement counters.
SDF 7: Siren, 6 Chester Mix, 2 Dedicated Response Teams, Aardvark.
Innermost to outermost Ice: (all rezzed, unless noticed, I Spy Counter)

The Situation for you, the Runner

Agendapoints: 6 (Political Overthrow, -1 for Corporate Ally, +1 for Blackmail)
Bit Pool: [0]
Trash (top to bottom): Blackmail, Card_0, Deep Thought, I Spy
Stack: Card_1, Card_2, Card_3, Card_4, Card_5, Card_6, Card_7
Hand: Card_8
Installed Programs: 15 Cloaks, 1 Mystery Box, 1 Self-Modifying Code, 1 Signpost, 1 Cascade
Installed Hardware: 1 Tycho Mem Chip, 6 Zetatech Mem Chips, 1 Techtronica Utility Suit
Installed Resources: Card_9, Card_10, Card_11, 1 Code Viral Cache, 1 Corporate Ally, 1 Shell Trader
Cards in the Shell Trader: Card_12 with 10 counter left, Card_13 with 1 counter left

Try finding a water-proof solution, e.g. Gain Bit from Streetware Distributor (start-of-turn) Of course non the installed resources has any bits or counters on it unless saying so. Play Playful AI for xxx Bits, xxx being as many as you need, Run Siren, Mystery Box for Krash, break all routines with Krash, trash Siren, Run Archives, score Political Overthrow and win is a legal solution but doesn't have a 100% propability (didn't bother calculating it). This doesn't mean you can't use random cards, just proof that you win regardless of the die roll. Card_0 to Card_13 means any card of your choice, within the limits, meaning no misc.for.sale. Installed resources must be resources, cards on The Shell Traders must be program or hardware with appropriate installation cost. Cards in your library will be in order you choose of course even after shuffling if need be. And you should include that no cards in stack may be immediate bit gainers, def. as any card which you play as an action and has the possibility of permanently increasing your bit pool during that action without interacting with other runner cards.

The puzzle doesn't include many decoys, if any, if you use my solution, so most to all cards are there for a reason. I hope it will take you some time to figure out the maths but ultimately arriving at my state of a really sick mind (Sorry, I don't get treatment for this so far). When you figured it out, please send me your solution. If it turns out to be not that easy as I thought I'll most likely give away some prizes.

I'll thank Stephen Holodinsky, Rene Walla & Daniel Schneider for playtesting it.

The Solution

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