Mission Impossible? - The Solution

First all cards you have to find out:

Your Turn

Start of turn: Take 1 counter from Snowball (9 counters left), declare Preying Mantis action Action 1: Loan from Chiba ([12] in pool/ [45] on stealth cards) Action 2: N.E.T.O. take top 4 cards ([8] in pool/ [45] on stealth cards) Action 3: Sneak Preview Dupre overwriting Signpost ([5] in pool/ [45] on stealth cards) Action 4: Prearranged Drop Preying Mantis Action: Pirate Broadcast ([4] in pool/ [45] on stealth cards)

End of turn: Return Dupre to hand (Sneak Preview), take 1 brain damage (Preying Mantis), trash Loan from Chiba paying [10] ([0] in pool).

Corparations Turn

He's unable to win, because Political Overthrow is gone, Loan from Chiba is gone gone and meat damage is automatically prevented because of Emergency Self-Construct.

Your Turn

Forgo the first 3 (Emergency Self-Construct) of the next 28 actions you've got to forgoe (1 Pirate Proadcast, 3x5 + 4 Japenese Water Torture, 2x4 Arasaka Owns You).

Corporations Turn

He losees because he's unable to draw a card.

The Puzzle

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