Rulings for Limited Edition Corporation Cards

Aardvark AI Chief Financial Officer Artificial Security Directors Ball and Chain Bizarre Encryption Scheme Chester Mix City Surveillance Closed Accounts Corporate Detective Agency Corporate Negotiating Center Corprunner's Shattered Remains Cowboy Sysop Crystal Palace Station Grid Data Fort Reclamation Data Masons Dr. Dreff Edgerunner, Inc., Temps Employee Empowerment Encoder, Inc. Euromarket Consortium Executive Extraction Experimental AI Fortress Architects Genetics-Visionary Acquisition Hacker Tracker Central Haunting Inquisition Ice Transmutation Investment Firm Jack Attack Jenny Jett Jerusalem City Grid Management Shake-Up Marine Arcology Namatoki Plaza New Galveston City Grid Newsgroup Taunting Olivia Salazar Omni Kismet, Ph.D. Omniscience Foundation Pacifica Regional AI Power Grid Overload Priority Requisition Project Babylon Project Consultants Red Herrings Remote Facility Rio de Janeiro City Grid Roving Submarine Rustbelt HQ Branch Security Net Optimization Security Purge Setup! Shock.r Skalderviken SA Beta Test Site South African Mining Corp Subsidiary Branch Systematic Layoffs Team Restructuring TRAP! Tutor Vacuum Link Vapor Ops Viral 15 Virus Test Site Washington, D.C., City Grid

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