Rulings for Limited Edition Runner Cards

Access through Alpha Access to Arasaka Access to Kiribati Afreet AI Boon Arasaka Owns You Arasaka Portable Prototype "Armadillo" Armored Road Home Artemis 2020 Aujourd'Oui Back Door to Hilliard Back Door to Orbital Air Baedeker's Net Map Bakdoor [TM] Blink Boardwalk Bodyweight [TM] Data Creche Broker Butcher Boy Cascade Cloak Clown Cockroach Corolla Speed Chip Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer Custodial Position Deep Thought Dermatech Bodyplating "Drifter" Mobile Environment Dropp [TM] Edited Shipping Manifests Emergency Self-Construct Executive Wiretaps Fait Accompli False Echo Forged Activation Orders "Green Knight" Surge Buffers Gremlins Hammer Hell's Run HQ Interface Hunt Club BBS I Spy Imp Incubator Invisibility Jackhammer Joan of Arc Karl de Veres, Corporate Stooge Kilroy Was Here Lifesaver [TM] Nanosurgeons Loan from Chiba Lucidrine [TM] Booster Drug Microtech Backup Drive Microtech 'Trode Set misc.for-sale Mouse Mystery Box N.E.T.O. Organ Donor Pandora's Deck Pattel's Virus Pile Driver PK-6089a Poltergeist Pox Preying Mantis Quest for Cattekin R&D Interface Rabbit Ramming Piston Raven Microcyb Eagle Raven Microcyb Owl Ronin Around Scatter Shot SeeYa Self-Modifying Code Shredder Uplink Protocol Signpost Skivviss Smarteye Smith's Pawnshop Sneak Preview Social Engineering Speed Trap Startup Immolator Submarine Uplink Succubus Synchronized Attack on HQ Techtronica [TM] Utility Suit The Shell Traders The Springboard Total Genetic Retrofit Valu-Pak Software Bundle Vewy Vewy Quiet Wilson, Weeflerunner Apprentice Zetatech Software Installer ZZ22 Speed Chip

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