Rulings for Proteus Corporation Cards

Bug Zapper Caryatid Corporate Headhunters Credit Blocks Cybertech Think Tank Data Sifters Datacomb Digiconda Dog Pile Doppelganger Antibody Emergency Rig Executive Boot Camp Fetal AI Galatea Government Contract Homing Missile Hunting Pack Iceberg Lesser Arcana Lisa Blight Marcel DeSoleil Marionette Mastermind Minotaur Networked Center Obfuscated Fortress Pattel Antibody Pavit Bharat Please Don't Choke Anyone Rent-to-Own Contract Research Bunker Riddler Roadblock Simon Francisco Siren Sphinx 2006 Sumo 2008 Syd Meyer Superstores Twisty Passages Underworld Mole Viral Breeding Ground Weapons Depot World Domination

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