Rulings for Proteus Runner Cards

All-Hands Armageddon Back Door to Rivals Bargain with Viacox Bulldozer Chiba Bank Account Credit Subversion Crumble Death from Above Demolition Run Disgruntled Ice Technician Disintegrator Enterprise, Inc., Shields Eurocorpse [TM] Spin Chip Forward's Legacy Fubar Garbage In Highlighter HQ Mole Liberated Savings Account Lockjaw Lucidrine (TM) Drip Feed On the Fast Track Pirate Broadcast Prearranged Drop Promises, Promises R&D Mole Remote Detonator Runner Sensei Rush Hour Scaldan Senatorial Field Trip Skullcap Subliminal Corruption Sunburst Cranial Interface Swiss Bank Account Taxman The Deck Time to Collect Vienna 22 Viral Pipeline Wired Switchboard Wrecking Ball

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