Name: Bel-Digmo Antibody
Commonality: Uncommon
Rezzingcost: 0
Type: Node - Ambush - Virus
Game Text: Shuffle Bel-Digmo Antibody into R&D when it is rezzed. When Runner accesses Bel-Digmo Antibody from R&D, do 1 Net damage, and Runner must show it to you.
Trashingcost: 0
Illustrator: Corey Macourek
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Lutz Hofmann

Ambush in R&D

Bel-Digmo Antibody is an unimposing ambush. It does only 1 Net damage compared to the equally cheap Setup!. An unadvanced Virus Test Site does the same amount for two bits. For four bits a TRAP! does three Net damage and gives a tag.
Bel-Digmo Antibody does nothing in Archives and in HQ. This is unlike Setup! and TRAP!, which are active in HQ as well. Other ambushes, ones which can be advanced, share this trait.
But Bel-Digmo Antibody is Speed Trap-proof. It does its thing only uninstalled in R&D. A Runner equipped with Speed Trap accessing a subsidary fort will only see the rezzing of the Bel-Digmo Antibody and it vanishes to R&D.
But there is more to Bel-Digmo Antibody than just Net damage, which is easily avoided using Enterprise, Inc.,Shields.

Decoy in Subsidary

How often did the run on a freshly installed card in a subsidary fort only access an Upgrade or Node? These are often effectfully trashable for few bits. But the run had to take place. It could have been an Agenda. This run eats precious bits which are missing on the next turn when the real thing gets installed and advanced for one. But the business Upgrade or Node is gone.
A Bel-Digmo Antibody only reached its true habitat and is ready to do its thing. Bel-Digmo Antibody is not gone.

Shuffler of R&D

A sideeffect of returning to R&D is shuffling. Runners want to have their runs count. There are cards like Technician Lover, which allow to scan the top card or top five cards in the case of R&D-Protocol Files. Therefore the Runner is able to plan his attacks.
An installed Bel-Digmo Antibody rezzed after passing the last ice installed before R&D destroys this careful planning.

Goes back into R&D

It is a small help against running out of cards. For the cost of one action each turn, used for installing Bel-Digmo Antibody, you cannot run out of cards. You must only rez Bel-Digmo Antibody at the end of runners turn. But watch out for Skivviss Virus counters. These can built up to amounts that you can do nothing with your actions safe installing multiple Bel-Digmo Antibody. Cascade on the other hand is no problem.

Is revealed not useless

Several cards like Hunt Club BBS, Mouse, SeeYa empower the runner to look at the cards installed in a data fort. They are most effective revealing an ambush such that a runner can plan for it. In most cases these ambushes are useless for the remainder of the game and are often thrashed to yield their place for another Node or Agenda.
A Bel-Digmo Antibody just rezzes upon yielding its decoystatus and can be of use in R&D. Again the card is not lost.

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